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"It appears to be the end."
The Apocalypse Slime is a slime representing the "End" of Slime Rancher.

Slimepedia Entry


The Apocalypse Slime, in it's smaller form, prefers a diet of meat. There is no favorite as of now. As in Final, it will enjoy a hearty meal of delicious Boom Slimes. Hey, they taste like Pop Rocks! Despite so, the Final will not produce plorts.

Slimepedia Entry

The Apocalypse Slime isn't too much like any other slime. It appears after you have bought all upgrades, ranched all slimes, created every largo, explored every area, and pretty much done everything this game has to offer. The Apocalypse Slime will come to the Ranch and explore and run around. Once it finds a meal, it will stay in that position until it is picked up with a Vacpac. It will not even move at the sight of a Boss, a Tarr, or a Golden Tarr, because those rather ignore it, for unknown reasons. Some people report that their universe was destroyed right after they saw this slime die, but, we don't believe them, they're crazy.

Rancher Risks

Seems like there's no risk. Pretty friendly. This slime stays rather happy, always happy to be by your side. You'll get to keep this slime as long as you take care of it. Once that becomes to repetitive, though, you may want to stop feeding them, since there are better alternatives and you can't make an Apocalypse Largo. Once it starves... it'll turn into Apocalypse Final.


It's plorts are extremely rare, but sell for a somewhat low price for some reason. It is likely because of the... "unlucky" effects of having one. Most who carry these plorts, aka "Destruction Rubies" as nicknamed, have a bit more than a few consequences.


The Apocalypse Slime appears to be a dark-reddish (though appearing brown to some) slime with three pointed, triangle-like stripes of a maroon color on top of it's head. It's eyes are black eye sockets with a small white pupil. It keeps a kind smile, as to prove it's innocence, making it a tad more cute than scary. Finally, it has two twin fox tails, probably to signify the chaotic manner, even in appearance, and it's cunning abilities, just like a fox.

Final Form

The final form is similar, with twin fox tails and eyes, but now has two dragon-like wings, a dark violet stream-like mark coming from it's eyes and down, and the three marks on the top of it's face is a slightly brighter red. The center one becomes larger and dyed the same color as the stream-mark. It's mouth now has two fangs, also, making it's innocence turn to a nightmare. It's also as large, probably larger, than a Tarr. Near the size of a corral, probably larger, making it one of the biggest bosses of the game, right next to the Tarrlossus. It's smaller than a Tarrlossus, though.

It's final form needs some touch-ups on awesomeness, but is pretty good otherwise.

Possible Design

It could be possible that another design for the Apocalypse is being made. The only leaked image so far is a back portrait, but shows a lot of design already.

This image shows the Apocalypse Final with two pairs of wings that look less like they're directly attached to the body and instead a rainbow-like metallic wings, and though metallic, still share the same design as the original final. Between each wing is the normal flap, but now gray, and at the top of the flap between the wing's points is a seemingly glowing section that illuminates downwards. Because each wing has three flaps, the colors of red, yellow, and blue are shown in each individual side, making a symmetrical Another thing seen is a light red (or pink as some argue) crystal on the back of the Apocalypse. It seems to have a circuit-like glowing streak that flows outwards from this crystal, connecting to two new platinum-like horns on the head. This circuit also strikes downwards towards the signature twin fox tails, now with golden ends.

With that much detail to the back, the creator is currently very excited to design the front of this slime.


The Apocalypse Slime, since it represents The End, it is one of the most powerful bosses in the game. The battle takes place inside the Ranch. If the event is activated outside of the Ranch, you will be teleported there. This slime has attacks based on all canon slimes in-game, and some fanon slimes.


Coincidentally, both have Dream in the title.


Once the Apocalypse has fallen, a menu will show up, which will freeze the rancher until they select something. The menu will state: "You have reached the end. If you have anything else to do, do them now." Options are "Continue" and "Go Back". After the next day, it will ask again, with a red colored timer that says "3". If Go Back is selected, it will repeat and wait until the next day, with 2 on the counter. If the counter hits 0, it is impossible to go back, and "Continue" is the only option. This option, if selected on any day, will lead to the battle.

If Continue is selected on a New Moon, the Apocalypse Slime will lose 1 health per second until half health. If Continue is selected on a Full Moon, the rancher will gain 1 health per 10 seconds if under half health.


All the attack names are displayed at the top of the screen. Each attack is in the order the Apocalypse launches them. The slimes that are launched from the Apocalypse do not make plorts.

Unlike most bosses, this boss follows the same attack pattern every time, instead of random select.

Feral Pinks Launches Feral Pink Slimes, one largo per canon slime it can mix with. Each will circle around you. For some reason, they're untamable.
Tsunami [+∞?] Sends out a few Puddle Slimes and floods the area with a thin layer of water. Slows you down just a bit but gives you an infinite water source to launch at the boss.
Mass Earthquake The whole ranch shakes and Rock Slimes are summoned throughout.
Honey Lure [+9] A honey-rock largo is launched at you. The honey in this slime is very special, causing all enemy slimes to come to you causing more attacks, and makes any slime who touches it go faster
Panta Rhei Summons a load of Aether Slimes. Using your jetpack will make you fly in uncontrollable directions from the heavy wind.
Tiger Blood Creates Tiger and Tabby slimes. The water from Tsunami will fluctuate, high and low. The water is also damaging during this stage. This makes you need to get the water to launch at the Apocalypse, but still stay on high ground to avoid being damaged. The water becomes blood red during this stage, and this stage only.
Night Warrior Hero-Phosphor largos will fly about and attempt to attack you. If you have any spare fruit or meat, you can feed it to some if you're quick enough in order to tame them. These slimes are also immune to the day, for some reason.
[👿] Hyperdrive Electro Slimes are summoned all along he area. All of them are aggressive. A yellow star-like circle of energy is in the center. Hitting it with water will lower it's power, which lowers the Electro Slime's attack. In order to progress, you must get rid of all the energy in the "star" or wait two minutes.
Mokushiroku Summons a few small smiling Apocalypse Slimes just having fun and exploring. After a few seconds, they start flickering like holograms and disappear. This move does no physical damage. It's more like a "Break Time" or a "Feels Time".
Solitarius More "Break Time". The Apocalypse Slime, still in Final Form, sits onto the ground, no longer smiling, as they're having a feels attack. They were once happy as those holograms, but now, they've come to this.
[👿] Overworld Charges up a ball of dark energy. A large timer counts down from 60. Towers are placed among the ranch and have light flowers on top that must be activated before time runs out. If time runs out and not all light flowers are activated, Afterlife will initiate.
[👿] Afterlife A large beam of dark energy flares among the ranch, killing all life, including crops, slimes, tarr, henhens, ect. It will instantly kill the rancher if below 30% of health.
Adagio [+4] Everything in the ranch slows down except for the Apocalypse Slime themselves.
Niflheim 5 Arctic Slimes are inside the ranch. The water freezes, making movement a tad quicker with velocity, but also very hard to move on, because of slipping.
[👿] Escapist A large hole in the ground will appear. The Apocalypse will fly in. The hole closes, where two more open, pointing towards eachother. The Apocalypse will fly out of one and into the other, then reappear at the start.
Aurum Blitz Summons 3 Gold Tarr in different points of the Ranch. They're not affected by Adagio.
Shizen Sagai Summons a hurricane, which circles around you, comes very close, but does not touch you, thus, not hurting you. You will survive if you stay still, but if you move like a normal player would, you'll get damaged. This move will remove the effect of Honey Lure.
Ragnarok [+2] Boosts the power of anything fire. Melts the ice of Niflheim. Incinerators will be more powerful in this stage!
[👿] Thunder Reign Brings on a storm of thunder. Tsunami's water level rises, making it possible to drown. Lightning strikes near the rancher, and will electrify the water for a few seconds if it hits the water. This is one of the times where it's good to not be dependant on the Tsunami's water.
Moegara Andante The slime is very shaky. The speed of everything also reverts to normal. They will summon 5 Phoenix Slimes and 3 Dragon Slimes to attack you.
Summit It reaches the peak of power. A flurry of power, made from destroyed hopes and light, attacks you. It will leave you at one health, then 0.1 health, 0.0001 health, and they stop. The powerful light evaporates all the water from Tsunami on the battlefield.
Broken Dream The music will become almost inaudible, even to the keenest of ears. The Apocalypse Slime appears very, very tired. They summon things related to things they always wanted to do into the sky, but they always crash onto the ground and shatter. A boat, a rocket ship, shooting stars, a beautiful little gemstone, then a small, lonely heart, they all came crashing to the ground, now rubble and just another broken dream.

+# means it will last through # more moves. +2 means it will affect the turn it's used and the next turn, ending at the third. Does not count SOUL exclusives.

[👿] means the move is an Apocalypse SOUL exclusive.


At the top, where the attack names should be, it will show text. The following shows.

"How could you get past the end?"

"It was supposed to end, right here, right now."


The slime reverts to their smaller form.

"So many died to my attacks."

"They all... they all took care of me."

"Yet I was forced to destroy them."

"Thanks for saving me... from this nightmare."

The slime sends out a small beam of light to the sky, and rains down white drops that instantly bring your HP and Energy/Stamina back to full, and revives all slimes who have died during the battle to exactly where they were before. With a small sigh, the slime appears to glitch a bit and disappears. You have avoided the end. This also unlocks the "Story" in the Slimepedia below. Then the music returns to the usual Slime Rancher music.

A short screen shows "The End", then fades away after 30 seconds.


(To be rewritten.)

Once, there was a small little slime named Apocalypse. They'd roam around The Traveller's Turf, and when they got bored, they'd explore the whole rest of the world. After many, many years of exploring, they decided they had explored everything, but, was still not satisfied. So they made friends, made enemies, but soon they were bored once again. They did everything the world had to offer.

They tried to find a way to leave the island, but failed. They soon returned home and sat in the cave they originally spawned at, and stayed there for many, many more years. All their friends, soon forgot about them. After a few years, they saw a small little crystal at the very bottom of the cave. The slime absorbed it after a few moments of hesitation, and was given a prophecy. To show any rancher who comes, when the end is. So they wouldn't be as lost as the Apocalypse Slime. The end of a rancher's world and journey.

This poor slime has had to fulfill that role, no matter how close to bonding with the rancher they are. No matter if they are friends, best friends, or even lifelong buddies. This slime is cursed to destroy any rancher who meets the end.

Unless the Rancher finally gives this slime their end. Finally stopped from their rampage of guilt. Death. Death, is the end. Finally in peace. No more destruction, no more tears, no more grief. This universe can go on for as long as the Rancher has fun. And maybe, just maybe, this slime can live happily once again.

There is no saving this slime. Once you've reached the end, you either have to kill them, or let them kill you. Either way, the universe will be destroyed, and a new one will form, with just the click, of "New Game".

Q + A

Q1: Could you still fight it even if you killed it?

A: Not in the same game file, but if you start a new game, then you can make your way to the Apocalypse Slime again and kill it again. If you do it to much though, then the Alternate Ending will be set in place permanently.

Q2: Did you make the song(s)?

A: I composed it, but the actual tunes in the song are not by me. It's pretty much like Garageband.

Q3: Would it have happened if it didn't absorb the crystal?

A: If it didn't absorb the crystal, it'd either go full out insane or try to end it's life. Ending it's life would be impossible, since the Slime Sea is just a transport for slimes and all enemies and things that eat slimes such as Tarr don't touch it, because fate already knew it would absorb the crystal. By the time the rancher built an Incinerator, it would've gone insane.

Q4: Just to ask, what does TBD mean?

To-Be-Determined, or "to bite donut"

Other Endings/Modes

Alternate Ending

This is an alternate ending after you've killed the Apocalypse Slime five times (after 5 New Games). Once you have defeated the boss 5 times, this cutscene will automatically play.

The battleground fades to black, and the player is teleported to a pitch black room, except for some stars.

All the other Bosses spawn around, except completely grayed out.

It's silent, except for a little music box jingle of the Apocalypse Slime's battle theme.

The only thing you can do is walk towards the Apocalypse Slime.

Once you touch them, they will be defeated, and can't be fought again, even if you make a new game. (You need to either reinstall Slime Rancher or get to the Apocalypse on a Five Day Rush to bring them back.)

This is an alternate ending after you've killed the Apocalypse Slime twenty times (after 20 New Games). Once you have defeated the boss 20 times, this mode will unlock.

"You're never going to be happy, aren't you? Are you so heartless as to go all that trouble again? So many bosses died... so many times over..."

"Even if you took care of me. I don't care about "me". I care about them! You should take care of them!"

"It's all your fault."


"Some say that you could have actually tamed them... and brought them into your ranch..."

"But after that, I can't even talk to them anymore."

[The Apocalypse Slime will land on the ground.]

"Kill me. You've already done it before, if you've gotten this far. I know I can't be saved. I know you've destroyed my life before. So... just go ahead!"

[The game cannot be exited from, the exit menu will not pop up, no music will play. Pushing any button will walk you towards the Apocalypse Slime. Once you touch them, the slime will dissolve.

[This will make it so you have to attempt saving the Apocalypse twice if you're to attempt saving them, (like doing Pacifist after a Genocide run in UT, except the effect is not permanent.)]

Apocalypse Soul

Apocalypse Soul

Apparently this is a boss on Extra Modes. It was inspired by the series of bosses ending with Soul from the Kirby franchise, according to ScribbleMasterer.

This mode will

Saving the Apocalypse

A form that has been wondered about for a while...

Potential Forms

Art of potential, non-canon forms of the Apocalypse. All of them are cool in their own way, so here's a list of all the ones so far! (If I missed out on any, let me know.)

  • Tranquility (by ContaminatedCorralle)
  • Ultra by FrostyLemonuu
  • Cataclysm by Hypno1337
  • Catastrophe by Rare Tabby



Other Works

Thank you so much! I never thought this would ever happen, but for some reason it did! All the artwork is amazing and I'm glad to have it on the page.

(Now put into a gallery to look more organized.)


  • If you fall into the Slime Sea at the same time the Apocalypse dies and vac it up at the exact same time, you will activate a glitch that will allow you to hold the slime in your vacpack as you're battling the final boss.
    • If you don't die at the same time when vaccing, your game will crash
    • Releasing the slime during the battle will cause it to spawn a model of the Apocalypse Slime that is completely uninteractable. It will disappear once the Apocalypse boss is defeated.
    • Releasing it after it's death will cause a perfectly good Apocalypse Slime that cannot trigger the boss fight. This glitch has been nicknamed "Saving the Apocalypse" glitch.
      • This is not how it will actually be saved though.
  • If the Apocalypse is saved from dying as it dies (possibly from giving it food while starving) it will still cause the Apocalypse Final's 'continue/go back' screen to activate. If "Continue" is hit, the game will crash.


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  • It's pretty obvious, but this slime is more story-based than gameplay-based.
  • Hero Slimes will always avoid this slime. In Final Form, they will attack the Apocalypse Slime. Better start ranching up some Hero Slimes.
  • You can use anything on your ranch to fight this guy. Even Dr. Raddie and an Incinerator, but they don't do as much damage as the Tsunami's water, which is also more convenient. Anything fire-related also does more damage during Ragnarok, but as the span of the battle is mostly Tsunami... not very helpful!
  • All of you who posted fan art of the Apocalypse Slime, you get a cookie 🍪 because aHHHH! You guys are awesome! I love every single one of those.
  • This was great practice for Derpagonair's character developing skills!
  • Derpagonair could make this a main character in a fanfiction. The potential has arised!
  • Derpagonair is back in the habit of making ultra-long trivias!
  • The tail's end colors were accidentally changed from white to purple on the second final's art.
    • There is no real set color now. It's a paradox :O
    • Both are acceptable. Don't worry.
  • Many moves were supposed to be added to the list of moves, but didn't make it for some reason.
    • All the moves that didn't make it at first have been readded in some way.
    • Lots of Apocalypse SOUL exclusives were planned but were taken out due to the editor crashing.
  • Yes, you can fight this boss again if you die. Don't worry.
  • Many people only know of the word "Apocalypse" because of a Zombie Apocalypse, atleast, it's thought. Luckily, this slime focuses more on straight down destruction, rather than gradual suffering and pain, contrary to the Zombie Apocalypse. Don't blame Zombie Slimes for everything. They can't even infect Slimes with any Zombie viruses. That'd be the Feral Microbe.
  • Similarly to Dr. Raddie, this boss is unique as to not have "Boss" at the end of it's name.
  • I'm trying to get rid of the Undertale stuff because it never started as an Undertale-inspired thing and it's not going to be an Undertale inspired thing. Shush, comment section. (Just kidding, I'm open to all your comments.)
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  • A few hours went into this slime (don't worry it was worth it :D)
  • If the Apocalypse Slime had to have a gender, though up to debate and really depends on your perspective, would be considered male.
    • Derpagonair almost wrote "He" instead of "It" before.
  • Derpagonair actually knows how to save this slime, but that would defeat the whole purpose of the slime. Maybe.
  • If you think about it, this slime who was all alone for several years, finally found you as a friend, and didn't know it was only because they were destined to kill you in the future. Luckily, you fed them, and became friends. Soon you became bored and stopped feeding the slime. Because of just a little prophecy, they had to kill the one closest to them. With each universe, they forget everything, except for a slight hunch that they may have to destroy the newest universe they have came upon and called home.
  • Immortality can be awful.