"They prefer the name "AAAAAA" which is not creative at all."
The Aqua Slime can be found rarely in the waters of the Moss Blanket and the Lakelands. you can find its only gordo in the first lake seen. They eat veggies and their favorite food is the Kuycumber. They can only be kept in Ponds or Aquariums.

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Aqua Slimes are often kept as pets. They don't like it though, unless they're fed. I mean, who wouldn't want this cute guy?

Rancher Risks

If you keep a Pond or Aquarium of these next to a Corral of Tabby Slimes, they will often try to escape (tabby slimes eat them) so keep them away from Tabby Slimes.


The biggest use for Aqua Plorts is pet food, especially for cats, because cats love fish. The plorts have an taste extremely similar to salmon, so it's also used in dishes at fancy food places.


It's an yellow/orange slime that looks like a fish.


  • As stated in the rancher risks, keep them away from Tabbies to prevent them from being eaten.
  • Combine them with tabbies. This will make them not try to escape when they see other Aqua Slimes.
  • Like the Puddle Slime, Aqua Slimes die on land (unless it is an Aqua Largo).


  • If combined with other slimes, they don't have to be put in aquariums; however, this is optional.


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