"The art this slime makes is to die for! Literally!"
The Art Slime is an aero-blue slime found very rarely the Indigo Quarry. It appears to have a fascination for color and drawing.

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The Art Slime mainly eats Fruits and absorbs water. It will typically eat Fruit more than absorbing water, because once it absorbs water, an hour ingame later, it will leave a trail of paint. The paint will take on the color of the fruit eaten, since the Art Slime uses fruits to be the pigment in it's paint.


It's favorite fruit is a Spectral Plum, despite not inhabiting the area it grows in. The Spectral Plum is also the only fruit that will not cause the Art Slime to produce paint, but rather, stop it altogether. A Silver Parsnip also has the same effect, but the Art Slime doesn't eat vegetables.


Art Slimes are considered an overcreative species of slime that seems to really like the concept of color. Sometimes called a "rainbow cow slime", it produces a trail of paint on some occasions. Falling in love with the color of the Indigo Quarry, it now lives there and has thrived ever since. Despite all the insults and critics on it's artwork, it's still determined to make more art for slimes (not very many) to enjoy!

Rancher Risks

This slime is required to eat plenty of fruit and actually has quite big of an appetite. It will take 1.5x more food than the average slime, and requires atleast one squirt of water every two days. Afterwards, it will produce a paint trail for an hour, with it's colors being that of the respective fruit that it has eaten, or, a mix of multiple fruits. A Spectral Plum will shorten the paint time, make the path smaller, and dim the colors of the paint. This paint also actually aids the Tarr, making a Tarr's lifetime longer. It will also hurt the Rancher if they happen to step on it. Luckily, the paint trail fades once the slime stops creating paint, but will leave a harmless stain of a really pretty color. That itself will fade the next day.


The plorts of this slime are used as incredible colorings. One plort will make half a can of paint for every color in the rainbow! Despite what you may think, this paint is also non-toxic and tastes like fruits. Some consider it food dye because of this, but, it still can be used to paint walls. Because of this, they have a moderately high value.


The Art Slime is a cloudy light blue, but may take on a special hue depending on what it ate. For example, eating a Cuberry will result in purple, and a Pogofruit will result in violet.

When creating a Largo, the Largo will no longer require water, but will still produce paint every few days. A largo of this slime will have splashes of paint on it and it's signature color-changing.


  • They make great friends with the Mosaic Slime and the Rainbow Slime.
  • All slimes are immune to paint.
  • Dying to a trail of paint results in the achievement "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"
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  • It can have a costume of it having a mustache and/or baret.
  • It thinks that Carrots are really weird paintbrushes with green paint on them
  • Puddle Slime has insulted it, calling it a "Fart Slime". It's not offended.
  • It is unable to produce paint when in water or in air. This includes riding a Bird Slime.
  • Phosphor and Art plorts are used together to make multicolor glowsticks!
  • Art plorts will dissolve in water.
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  • Art Slime's art is actually pretty... amateur.
    • Wait, that means it's art is my art in a nutshell.
  • Hero Slimes do not attack it unless they are in their "painting" mode.