'The birds of this world.'

Bird Slimes are flying slimes similar to Phoshper Slimes.  It is the exact opposite of the Phospher, however, so they

spawn in the day instead of at night. They will fly away during night and sleep. The darkness will not kill them, however.



Bird Slimes love to eat plant foods including veggies and fruit.


Their favorites are Kuykumber and Killer Slime (Yes, they attack those things)


Bird slimes are the birds of this world. They can be eaten by Tabby Slimes. They eat fruits, veggies, Killer Slimes, and Aqua Slimes. They spawn 5000 feet above the map every time. They are unique for their ability to eat Killer Slimes.

What is odd about these slimes is that they often seem to swoop into the Slime Sea to get Aqua Slimes.

Rancher Risks

The bird slime may be pretty, but it is a good idea to stay away from them with low HP. If you pulse wave a bird, vac a bird, or shoot water at a bird, other nearby birds witnessing the event will swarm up on you and try to peck you to death. They deal three damage each per hit, but since there is a huge onslaught, you just lose massive health in less than ten seconds all the time.


Bird Plorts are a great use of reducing gravity. Down on Earth, these Plorts are used to be able to reduce fuel consumption in aerospace technology because they float with less gravity.


Bird Slimes are blue, have a yellow beak for a mouth, have two beautiful bird wings, and a nice tail of feathers.


  • Don't vac to much of these in one play. They will swarm up and deal big damage.
  • When holding the Plorts, ANYTHING with cat in it will attack you to get the plorts. So if you have these plorts, stay away from cats.
    • While that may seem bad, holding on to Bird plorts will also scare away Killer Slimes.
  • If you don't like Killer Slimes, having these as Companions guarding you and your ranch will keep away Killer Slimes. This is because Killer Slimes are scared of Bird Slimes
  • It is recommended to use the Plort Collector with these.
  • A bird slimes favorite toy is the Stuffed Fish, as they love to have something they can pretend to catch.


  • The color is a reference to the Blue Bird from Angry Birds
  • Killer Slimes will flee if they see a Bird Slime
  • They have a much quicker spawn rate then even Pink Slimes themselves
  • The idea was added to the wiki to make the world seem more alive
  • The soundfiles are rather more birdlike (so instead of normal slime sounds, they use Bird Chirping sounds)
  • They sleep at night. However, vaccing them at night makes matters much worse. So don't do it
  • Tabbies will sneak up and pounce on these while they sleep
  • Tabby Companions and Bird Companions will not attack eachother, thus coming to advantage.
  • Baby Bird slimes hatch from Bird Plorts after 15 IN GAME days. This means that you can refer to the plorts as "Bird Eggs." However, this is only with White ones, which have a Spawn Rate of 20%. They can't be sold
  • You can often see Bird Nests in trees. They spawn at random, and inside of the nest can often spawn White bird plorts. These are the only plorts found here
  • Baby Bird Slimes will take 20 IN GAME days to grow up to an adult
  • A baby bird slime is 3/10 the size of an adult.
  • Baby Bird Slimes only give half as much cash for selling their plorts
  • To keep them, you need a place for them to lay their eggs. The upgrade for the Corral to keep these will be called "Nesting tree." Without it, the Birds will just try to escape and won't produce plorts
  • Birds don't eat when sleeping, nor do they produce plorts, but sometimes lay White bird plorts
  • When they catch something out of the water, they carry it up and bring it to their nest before the bird and it's children start feasting
    • They can also carry multiple items at once. Aqua slimes take multiple bites once brought to the birds nest to die. Then, a plort for each of the birds there is produced
  • Babies never make white plorts
  • A nest needs at least 2 adult bird slimes to start the White plort process.
  • They have a chance of becoming a Phoenix Slime when incinerated.
  • Their main favorite before being incinerated and transformed is the Killer Slime. This can be proved by noticing that they produce 4 Plorts after eating a K slime.
  • Similar to Cats, they can eat Mouse Slimes.
  • They don't have any interest in Mouse Plorts while Mouse Slimes have no interest in their plorts, either.


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