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'Bulb Slimes, the greatest enemy to sleep on the Ranch'
These slimes, as their name entails, glow. Bulb Slimes are rarely found in the Power Plant. (page not yet made)

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Bulb Slimes are of unknown origin. They tend to be around areas that have high amounts of radiation, and because of this usually aren't too far from a Raddie.

Rancher Risks

The light these slimes emit tend to attract other ones at night. Unfortunately, the plorts of these slimes have this property as well. Slimes rush toward these plorts faster than a Honey Plort! Keep them Corralled unless you want to deal with light-emitting largos, or something darker...


The plorts of these slimes are, albeit less environmentally friendly, brighter than Phosphor Plorts. The plorts of these are also much safer and can be turned off with an electrical charge. They also don't glow when put in your hair.


These slimes are transparent, have two structures inside of them that are similar to contacts of a light bulb, and have another seemingly metallic structure on their head similar to the base of a light bulb. They also glow, like a Phosphor Slime.


  • This slime was originally created in this image the creator of this article (Ender) posted on his Tumblr.