Greetings! Welcome to the wiki. Below is a guide for those of you who wish to create your own page, but aren't sure on how to categorize it. This is not to say that you cannot have other categories in addition to these, and it is encouraged that you organize pages that relate to a specific project with their own categories.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When adding a category, make sure it is spelt correctly or it won't work!

Slime Page Categories

So, you've made a slime, filled out all the information and made sure it fits the right layout. What's left? The categories, of course! Here's the guide on how to add them.


These categories indicate what the slime eats/absorbs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the slime's diet is other slimes, it fits under the 'Other Diet' category and not the 'Carnivore' category.

  • Carnivore - For slimes that eat meat.
  • Frugivore - For slimes that eats fruit.
  • Herbivore - For slimes that eat veggies.
  • Omnivores - For slimes that eat fruit, veggies and meat (i.e an “Everything” diet).
  • Other Diet - For slimes that eat something else, such as water, electricity, sunlight etc. Often goes hand-in-hand with the Tarr category.


These categories are for the terrain the slime lives on/in.

  • Terrestrial - For slimes that live on land.
  • Aquatic - For slimes that live in water.
  • Aerial - For slimes that live in the air.
  • Extraterrestrial - For slimes that live in space.


These categories are for the aggression level of slimes.

  • Aggressive - For slimes that purposely attack and harm ranchers.
  • Neutral - For slimes that attack ranchers when provoked, or only at certain times.
  • Non-Aggressive - For slimes that will never attack the rancher.

Other Categories

These are other categories relating to slimes.

  • Slime - This has to be on every slime page, be it a boss, tarr or other.
  • Tarr - For slimes that are alternate versions of the Tarr.
  • Slimes that aren't really slimes - For Slime pages of creatures that aren't actually slimes, such as a robot, or an egg.
  • Boss - For Boss monsters.
  • Crossover - For slimes that are based on an existing character in media.
  • (Username)'s Pages - Everyone gets their own category to organised their pages.

Food Page Categories

So, you've made your slime, and fully categorized it... what to make next? How about a food for your slime to eat? Here are the categories that page would need.

Food Types

These are the different types of food you can have.

  • Veggie - For vegetable foods, that Herbivore Slimes eat.
  • Fruit - For fruit foods, that Frugivore Slimes eat.
  • Meat - For meat foods, that Carnivore Slimes eat.
  • Other Food - For food that doesn't come under these categories, which Other Diet Slimes 'eat.'

Other Categories

These are the other things Food Pages need.

  • Food - All foods are required to have this tag.
  • (Username)'s Pages - Everyone gets their own category to organise their pages.

Other Page Categories

So, you've made a slime, a food... what else is left to do? Well, there are many things you can make, such as a landmark, an item, or even a new mechanic for the game! Here's the categories they would need.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each of these still needs the '(Username)'s Pages' tag.

  • Location - For all places on the Far, Far Range, such as a snowy tundra, or a fierce volcano.
  • Buildings - For all plots on the Ranch, such as a special corral, or a strange farm.
  • Game Mechanics - For all game mechanics, from fierce weather to hugging slimes.
  • Items - For all objects that aren't foods or slimes, such as a tablet or special gloves.
  • Free Edit - Got a page where you want people to add their own ideas? Well then give it this category, so the community knows it's free for them to add to.

Staff Categories

These categories can only be added to pages by members of staff, so you don't need to worry to much about them.

  • Marked for Deletion - Pages that are notably low-quality or spam. Not generally used anymore.
  • Tutorial Page - For all the pages made to show new users how to create pages.
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