'The Pink Slime of the sky!'
The Cloud Slime can be found commonly in the Sky Islands. Its diet consists of everything, but it's favorite is Cloudy Hens.

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Cloudy Hens

Slime Toy

The RCC. This little remote control cloud is fun for slimes to chase, especially the Cloud Slime.


Cloud slimes are literally the pink slimes of the sky. They thrive in the Sky Islands, and are capable of floating, making them ideal for the area. Unlike pink slimes however, they have a favourite, the Cloudy Hen. They're often mistaken as clouds from below, confusing ranchers when they find an adorable fluffy slime planted on their head.

Rancher Risks

Although they pose no direct risks to ranchers, their ability to float means it's easy for them to escape.


Cloud plorts, despite not being as widely used as Pink plorts, make incredible stuffing for soft toys, pillows or anything of the like.


Cloud slimes are light blue with a wispy trail of cloud around their bottom half, which allows them to float.


  • An air net is recommended to keep these slimes in check.
  • Replacing your pink slimes with these allow more profit due to the higher plort value and favourite, allowing double plorts.
  • This also means they're a better pink largo substitute, but make sure an air net is in place if they're kept in a corral.


  • Cloud slimes with overgrown cloud wisps bear a resemblance to earth sheep.
  • There is a competition help amount ranchers once a month for the best Cloud Slime 'hairstyle.'
  • The soft feel of a Cloud Slime is desired by any rancher, and are therefore often used as replacement teddy bears.
  • Both Cloud and Pink Slimes dislike each other, but they don't show any aggression in game.