Companion Slimes can be made by feeding a Slime (of any kind) its favorite Food 10 times (the counter resets after the next day comes, so be quick). If they are largos, they won't eat plorts so that your best friend does not become a Tarr. If they touch the waters of the slime sea, they will teleport back to the ranch instead of dying. They also produce plorts every twenty in-game minutes. Feeding them multiplies the process by two, but after two days, the effect will wear off. They also pick up their own plorts and sell them. Hmm. That seems convenient. Slimes picking up after their own poop.


When you tame a slime, you can get a list of jobs. With all of the jobs, Phosphers, when in daytime, will go into the Grotto if it has been bought and work their job in there. The list is:

(note: All slimes might hunt for wild chickens on the job or eat crops within your ranch, even if you have a Scareslime guarding it)

Slime Ranching Slime

The Slime Ranching Slime is well, as the name suggests, a Slime that is also a Slime Rancher. They will collect and sell plorts, make sure that slimes are in their corral, feed slimes, collect chickens from coops, and even collect food from gardens and feed them to slimes. They will also keep largos OUT of the same cage as other types of largos and keep largos AWAY from unrelated plorts. At day, phosphers only work the job in The Grotto. They possess an Implanted Vaccannon and Vacpack.

Rancher Guard

Slimes that follow the rancher. If the rancher travels to far without them or the slime falls into the water, they will teleport to the player. This is a reference to the pet mobs in Minecraft that follow you when not sitting and if you did not tell them to sit and you travel far without them, they teleport to you. These slimes will warn hostile slimes (tarrs, feral slimes, and fan-idea slimes on the wiki that are suppose to be hostile to you) and if they get too close to the rancher, they attack. They deal 3 times normal damage and will use special powers (such as spikes or explosions) if the slime possesses such a power.

Ranch Guard

These slimes are similar to the Rancher Guard above, but instead they guard the ranch. If a wandering wild slime is about to become an intruder to the ranch, they will try to scare away that wandering slime away, but if it ignores the warning, then they BITE. It's painful, too. Similar to rancher guard, they use special powers if they possess such a power.

Resource Gatherer Slime

The Resource Gatherer Slime travels across the world. They will look for Fruit, veggies, and meat and once they have enough food to completely satisfy ALL of the Companion Slimes in the save you are playing in, they will return home and feed ALL of your hungry Companion slimes. They possess an Implanted Vaccannon, Vacpack, and Jetpack. Phosphers won't use a jetpack, and the jetpack has a max energy level of 350. They also have a Pulse Wave in their gun as well as water to keep out those crazy tarrs that want to eat it. Won't eat plorts at all no matter what.

Farmer Slime

The Farmer Slime will keep you gardens active. They possess an Implanted Vaccannon and Vacpack. When given the job, Whatever you stick into a garden after the job is given, they will always remember, and when the garden runs out of harvest time, the slimes AI scans it and they stick down EXACTLY what was there before the garden lost its harvest time. If the garden was already active when the slime is given the job and it is still active, the slime acts EXACTLY as it would do if that thing was just put there like, what? 2 seconds ago. During day, phosphers only work the job in the grotto.

Riding Slime

The Riding Slime is a slime that you ride. Only largos can keep the Job. Basically, you have to right click your slime to ride it. They will jump you higher places, and you can make them use their powers (explosions, spike roll, radiation, ect) while riding them. Phospher largos can only be ridden while the sun is behind the rock you stand on (I mean like the sun is down).

Healer (idea by ScribbleMasterer)

Wearing a Nurse hat, this guys follow the rancher and heal the rancher when damage is taken. Like a Rancher Guard, they teleport to you if you travel too far without them, and they teleport to you if they touch the waters of the Slime Sea.

Cleaner-Upper (ContaminatedCoralle)

The Cleaner-Upper is very useful. If you spill anything, or some unwanted food in a coralle, or mabye some forgein plorts in a Largo tank, just pop your little one in and it's all gone! They use a modified hoover to suck up these things into a handy little tank, making them into 'mush'. This 'mush' can be compacted into Veggie Bytes, if veggies are present. Cleaner-Uppers wear a sun-visor and hold a built-in customizable hoover. To customize your slime's hoover, you must spend 300 nipplebucks newbucks to spend on stickers, hoover paint, and slime slime.

BONUS TIP!: Cleaner-Uppers can also be used to clean up the Ink Virus's spills

Chicken Keeper (Raxel920)

This Slime will stand near coops and make sure that the number of chickens in the coop never exceeds 8 (5 hens/chickadoos, 3 roostros) and give any excess chickens to a slime ranching slime. They will neve remove chickadoos from the coop. if there are no slime ranching slimes on the ranch, they will give the chickens to the rancher, or if the rancher is gone they will put them into an empty silo. If there is no silo they will wait for the rancher.

Miner Slime (Petetheman23)

These guys are easy to explain. They usually hang out in the Grotto or sometimes, adventure to the Indigo Quarry. They are exclusive to slimes with a mineral or ore diet, due to their already good way of digging for minerals and stones. The Miners can mine better minerals and ores with a higher level. Minerals and Ores can also be used to sell for Newbucks and trading, instead of just feeding slimes with said diet. Also, when Miners adventure to the Indigo Quarry, they come back with a bigger load, but takes 2 days. They can fend for themselves, don't worry. They take down Tarrs like a champ when they need to.

Secret Finder (Petetheman23)

Exclusive to only the Disguise Slime, they will travel with the rancher (or stay at the ranch when told,) and move towards secrets, such as treasure pods and breakable walls. They can also find hunter slimes and other slimes that can hide from the rancher. Upon nearing a hidden feral area (feral areas without the skull sign) it will warn you with a ! mark and start making a lot of noise.

Live Scareslime (Ajani walker)

This is exclusive to Mercury Slimes. Photo Scare Slimes? Too many dead pinks.Sure you need 10 cinnaberries for it, but it moves. But be careful, they can eat your fruits and even scare Companion Slimes, which is a big stretch.Don't forget Cinaberry gardens. One look and all that's left is a bunch of mercury plorts.But at least they are safer than the wilder ones.

Gunner (Imperialist Chinaball)

These slimes will shoot any evil slimes on sight, you can tell them to stay, follow you or make them patrol the area. These slimes wear an army helmet and they have a gun that shoot boom Plorts which explode On contact.

Scientist (Imperialist Chinaball)

These slimes are very smart. They will study Plorts to make them more valuable or they can research better upgrades even the 7Z can’t find out about! They have a lab coat and they hold a test tube.

Catcher (Fishyfishyfishy500)

These slimes will catch any slime you found(except uncatchable slimes like golds), in exchange for 750 NB to power the pack with power and 3 of their fave food, it takes them one day to catch that slime in their small slime-pack, and they will also come back within that time, they wear a small aviator hat and carry a slime-pack, a mini vac-pack built to catch slimes more easily, however if the slime is sufficiently dangerous, like a Tentcal or Gannet slime, there is a 10% chance that the slime will come back after 2 days instead, when not being directed they stand in place next to the upgrade station

Fetcher (Fishyfishyfishy500)

These slime have a small hat shaped like a sombrero with a small flower on it, along with sack-pack, a storage pack designed to carry food items like fruit, veggies and meat like roostros, you can tell them to find any wild food(that you found) that is not exclusive to NPC trades, like odd onions or phase lemons, but you have to give them 50 NB to power the pack, but it takes 5 days to get 10 of that food item, unlike the catcher which takes 1 day for 1 slime, when not being directed they roam around your gardens, preferrably in the overgrowth


  • These slimes will not eat plorts if they are a largo. This could be because the Rancher told them not to eat unrelated plorts when they become a largo (or since they are a largo if it was already a largo) or else they become a tarr.
  • They will NOT freak out at scareslimes. This might be because the player told them not to freak out/get mad at the fake tarr models.
  • Their properties will NEVER hurt you no matter what.
    • Their properties also NEVER hurt other companion slimes.
  • If you have ten of them, you will get an achievement: "Best friends forever"
  • It is 100% impossible to tame a Killer Slime or a Tarr
  • Different Jobs wear Different Outfits. Farmers have Farmer Hats, Resource Gatherers wear Fedoras like Explorer Guy wears, Riding Slimes have Saddles, Rancher/Ranch guards have warrior-like helmets, and Slime Ranching Slimes have Yellow Baseball caps.
  • When befriending Dr. Raddie, you only need one Oka Oka. It also causes a Cut Scene. After it ends, Raddie actually takes ALL of the jobs (and uses fake clones to preform all of the jobs at the same time as well) at once. The Real Raddie takes Riding Slime and Rancher Guard and there are actually five fake Raddies of all the other Jobs. The Riding Job comes with a twist though: Right Clicking her makes a helicopter similar to the one you saw when fighting her. You can actually turn it into a submarine and back again so you can enter the Slime Sea without being knocked out! (see Raddies page to see controls)
  • Slimes without favorites can't become companions without becoming a largo
    • Strangely, there are pictures on this artical (and in the comments) that involve Pink Companions that are not largos.
      • This can be Ironic, seeing as this is not what was suppose to happen.
  • If you feed a companion slime at least 20 food items of any kind (of their diet) in under 48 IN GAME hours, you earn the achievement: "What the Slime is up with all this cash!?"


  • If you are gonna have lots of these cute friends, it is suggested that you also have a big number of Resource Gatherers to make sure that you don't go adventuring and come back only to find that ALL of your crops are gone.
  • It is a good idea to keep a few Rancher Guards and Ranch guards to keep the Tarr away.
  • Companions DO in fact get hungry.