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'What is next? CANDY Slimes? PIE Slimes? We already have HONEY slimes...'
The Cookie Slime is a slime that occurred to be an idea after a recent Dream that Ulysses had while IRL sleeping one night. The dream was a slime rancher dream that involved SEVERAL slimes, including Cookie Slimes and Boulder Slimes. Cookie Slimes are slimes that don't produce plorts, and they are not aggressive. They produce cookies instead. Since this page is a WIP, parts that make a slime page a slime page will be added eventually.





(needs an idea)

maybe crunch cookies? -Honey Slime123


Cookie Slimes are odd Slimes that produce cookies instead of Plorts. Some say that this might be linked to what some ranchers have been bringing from planet Earth. Someone must've brought a cookie, jammed it into a plort, fed it to a honey slime, and, well, rather then become a largo, it turned into this. Said rancher was worried about how risky it would become, so it was set free into the Slime Sea. It ended up in the Moss Blanket, and there it reproduced, and reproduced, and reproduced, until it became its own species of slime. But this is all just a theory, and it has yet to be proven.

Rancher Risks

Well, there is not even much to worry about these dudes. They produce cookies which can be fed to slimes to keep them out of the hungry zone. However, you can only make largos of these by shooting a plort into a Cookie Slimes lil' maw.


Cookies back on earth were used on cookie cakes, and for eating directly. These ones actually are natural and are a much tastier, healthier choice, probably explaining why they sell for so much. So now the kids can live on a diet of COOKIES!


A cookie slime is a Brown slime that has a Cookie that bears a Striking resemblance to the Minecraft Cookie (just not as pixelated) that also looks exactly the same as the cookie it creates after eating on the forehead, similar to a Honey Slime.


  • The only true reason for adding the artical to the wiki is because they were in a Dream that UlyssesK402 had when sleeping IRL, and he thought those would fit the wiki and the game.
  • The cookies can only be eaten by Herbivorous slimes (veggie/fruit) or Eaten by the Player. They also can't be eaten by other Cookie slimes.
  • In the dream, their diet actually showed as "Sugar" when looked at. This might mean that the dream actually fused Minecraft into Slime Rancher, as Slime Rancher does not have any plain sugar.
  • The dream actually took place in the Dry Reef, and oddly, there were Cookie Slimes in that area.
  • This is also a reference to Minecraft.
  • The reason why they are being put in the Moss Blanket (instead of the Dry Reef which you maybe already read that they were found there in the dream) is because in Minecraft, you have to put Sugar Canes next to water to grow it, and in the dream, the diet showed "Sugar."
  • The dream popped into UlyssesK402s head while sleeping and was projected FIRST, not the artical.
    • This is because it was until he had such a dream he never thought of this.
  • While the cookies cannot be sold, in the future, there is a chance that he will make the cookies sellable with a price. However, Ulysses can't think of a price, so it would help to post some price ideas in the comments.
  • The cookies are planned to have their own article.
  • If they eat a favorite, instead of making two cookies it makes a "Mega Cookie," which can be fed to any slime to make 4 Plorts (yes, that includes carnivores) (unless it is, of course, a Cookie Slime) or eaten to refill 20 Hunger and HP. However, a single slime can only eat one mega cookie a day, and a single mega cookie fully refills a single slimes hunger.
  • You can consider these slimes OP if you only ranch herbivores.
  • The only way to make Cookie Largos (which still produce plorts) is to shoot an unrelated plort into a cookie slimes mouth. The reason is because the cookies do not make slimes into largos.
  • Despite having a similar look to Honey Slimes, they don't have the honey slime-like feature with their mouth.
  • A cookie slimes favorite toy is the Cookie Dispenser as they find it satisfying to place their own cookies into the machine and watch them fly out before those cookies get sucked up and fed. They also like experimenting with them in all ways possible (not plotting escapes with them in the process).