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Costumes can be given to slimes to give them a unique look. This can help with a few thing, since some costumes have special effects. They are different to those given by Fashion Pods, and can applied via a Slime Stage or Slime House.

Pink Slime

Rock Slime

Phosphor Slime

Puddle Slime

Sand Slime

High Conjurer

Sheep Slime

Glitch Slime (JustSomeSush)

Glitch Slime (Monomi Park)

Tabby Slime

Dry Ice Slime

Valentine Slime

Artificial Slime

Civilization Slime

Dummy Slime

Mosaic Slime

Double Slime

Quicksilver Slime

Feral Slime

Boom Slime

Super Glue Slime

Saber Slime

Shadowy Slime

Watcher Slime

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