"If you find a robotic boom slime, maybe these guys can be useful."
The Disarm Slime can be found in the Mechanical Meadow, and has the power to disarm any electrical equipment. This includes removing corral walls that don't have the Protected Core and can make all Glitch Slimes in a large radius "freeze", not eating, moving or creating plorts.

Slimepedia Entry


Eats Fruit, Favourite is Bomberry.

Slimepedia Entry

The Disarm Slime has the unusual ability to glitch slimes and mechanical equipment, such as removing corral walls, and crashing the trade machine temporarily if nearby. You cannot make largos from disarm slimes

Rancher Risks

As said above, it can glitch a lot of mechanical equipment and freezes nearby glitch slimes


The Disarm Plorts are used like vaccines, using them to get machines used to glitches and hacking, however hackers may also use these plorts to destroy computer networks.


A Grey, Metallic slime with an antenna coming out of its head, and 3 red "buttons" above its eyes.




As it glitches slimes, it makes a noise like a computer powering down