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Dr. Raddie

Dr. Raddie is a boss that you have to fight once you start entering the Indigo Quarry for the first time in your current save. Dr. Raddie is a female rad slime that is more intelligent than even ALL of the slimes in the BOb account combined! She is so intelligent that she has a lot of technology and even has made robotic Arms and Legs to make up for her lack of limbs. She has a sudden hatred to ranchers, so once you go into her home lands, she has to fight you.

When you walk into the Indigo Quarry, a cut scene starts. The camera goes over to the Slime Sea to reveal a Submarine scope popping out of the water. 5 seconds later, the whole submarine rises out of the water and shape-shifts into a Helicopter that closely resembles an Apache Gunship. Inside shows Dr, Raddie. You see an angry face on her. Then, BOTH of the two of you get teleported to an island floating in the sky above the Slime Sea in the middle of nowhere. Then, the fight starts, and some epic Dubstepy music starts. There is a water spout in one of the corners.

The two stages have a green HP bar on the top. Both stages have the exact words as "Dr. Raddie."

Skills (first stage)

Dr. Raddie actually has two stages of attack. The first stage has 50 Health. While water fails, there is something that works. The attacks are:

Machine Burst

The helicopter shoots a rapid fire machine gun burst that lasts for 15 seconds. This is the main form of attack in this stage.

Fly-and-go-boom Slimes

The helicopter shoots Largos of Boom and Bird Slimes that are naturally hostile. They can't be calmed. Instead, shoot water at them to scare them away from the battle field. They leave a boom plort behind. Shoot it at the helicopter and it will take damage from between 1 and 7.

Rocket Launch

Shoots a fast moving rocket at the rancher that explodes when it hits something, dealing up to 20 damage of AOE (and does not apply to the chopper) It actually locks onto the player, so it is a homing rocket in a nutshell.

Skills (second stage)

After you defeat the first stage, a cut scene shows the helicopter repeatedly blowing up and starts falling towards the slime sea. Here, you would think you beat Dr. Raddie, but then the cut scene camera moves to reveal Raddie going to the ground on a parachute. Once Raddie touches the ground, the Dubstep continues, and the second stage shows up. This stage has 20 health instead. The skills involve:

Radioactive Laser

Raddie points her right arm at the rancher and charges a green laser which when touched, has the same effects as a rad slime. When charging, the arm is still. It takes 5 seconds for the laser to charge, and it takes 18 seconds for it to end. The arm moves slowly when shooting the laser, so use the time to run. Shoot water at Raddie when this attack is preformed; this is one of the only times Raddie will take damage. It has a damage of numbers between 1-4.


Raddie's fist gets covered in Spikes and then melees the rancher. It does 3-50 damage, so you want some good HP. This is Raddie's main form of attack in this stage.

Which is the real one!?

Frequently in battle, Raddie disappears, and you see 100 Raddies on the fight. They have reduced damage and they all just use the fist. The fake ones instantly disappear when you shoot them (only the one you shot), and shooting the real one makes the other 99 disappear. If you are good at recognizing differences, this attack won't be hard to deal with. All of the fake Raddies have EVEN MORE reduced damage and are a bit smaller than the real one. This is one of the few moments to actually shoot the 1-4 damage water.


Raddie turns completely solid Bright-blue and quickly fades away, and then another completely solid Bright-blue Dr. Raddie starts fading into (not out of) existence in another area. Once that new Raddie turns completely solid, it turns into the EXACT same colors as the original Dr. Raddie. This attack can be annoying, since it can happen when trying to avoid Raddie and she teleports in front of you. It takes 0.7 seconds to fade in/out.


Another cut scene begins. You see Raddie fall frontwards and do some push-ups. 5 seconds later, you see Raddie teleport away. You teleport back to the start of the Indigo Quarry, and 3 crates fall from the sky. Each has a golden slime in it, so bring something to shoot at them.

After this, she sends you a message by the name of "SmartSlime141." It reads as

"I... I just... HOW did you even do that to me?

Look. Nothing has EVER defeated me before. At all. Not even more Gold Tarrs than can fit on one planet can stop me. I see myself as THAT powerful. I-I'm kinda scared of you n-now.

Wait a second, you could be confused by MY grammar RIGHT now. When you fought me, you might not have seen how smart I am. I did not take death. I used robotic limbs for my lack of natural limbs because I am a slime, DUH! If you expected this grammar to be bad as BOb's grammar, then, you should take a closer look? No, wait. That can't happen. If I see you again I'll just flee.

Up to now, you're the ONLY thing that EVER managed to stand in my way and get past me. Looks like I can't save my friends from you now.

Oh, I gotta finish this message. A whole wave of all type Tarr is after me. Bye...


The grammar of this message is part of what proves how smart Dr. Raddie actually is. (if you wanna know for SURE how smart she is, go into the Trivia)

If you had no slimes in a corral before fighting her, the fight is skipped and you get this message instead from SmartSlime141:

"I actually feel surprised.

When you walked into the Indigo Quarry, I first thought you were any old rancher, but then I remembered that before, I had a glimpse of your ranch and not a single slime did I see in a Corral while you were away from it. Don't worry, I did not do anything to it.

Oh, hold on. Did I... not introduce myself? My name is Dr. Raddie. I am a Rad Slime, yes, but with amazing grammar, too. Look back at BOb's grammar. All it is is like, 'HeeElloo' and 'CHiikKKenNs.' Laughable grammar, huh? Now look at mine. I'm smarter than all of the dudes in that account combined. I'm smarter than all of the slimes on the planet combined. My brain is regular sized and a slime brain can't hold much intelligence. But I managed to somehow get PAST those limitations, and still with a normal slime brain, I could do stuff that slime intelligence does not even get to. Radioactive Lasers. Teleportation. Robotic Limbs. Helicopters that transform into submarines and back again. Really. I am even so powerful, not even a bunch of Gold Tarrs can terrify or kill me. Also, don't call me a he. Just add an S to the start of the 'he.'

You know, I was still JUST about to fight you when you walked into my home. I dunno how exactly you still get the plorts but I guess you just feed wild slimes and collect their poo. Is that it? I'd bet so.

OK. Looks like this message was a little delayed because after that last paragraph, my robo limbs almost lost their battery power, so I replaced them. Well, I'm coming near the end of this message anyways, but if the battery on these things went down, it'd send me back to being a normal slime.

Bye. I'd kinda like to see you admiring us slimes in the Quarry that we call 'home.'

-Dr. Raddie"

Like this, you will still see her walking around in the Indigo Quarry. Instead of fleeing, though, she'll just wave. She will also start using the Range Exchange to request veggies in return for Rad Plorts or Gold Plorts.


It is a good idea to bring lots of Water (Puddle Plorts count as water). Shooting her helicopter in stage 1 instantly spawns a Fly-and-go-boom slime (while they also are spawned from the helicopter naturally) so that you can shoot that one and shoot a Boom Plort at Raddie. Make sure you have a Vac-tank slot open so you can collect it. Continue the process until you reach Stage 2. There is a Water Spout, so don't worry about needing Puddle Plorts.

Once you reach Stage 2, pause shooting for a while. Wait for her to shoot a laser or attempt to confuse you. Then, shoot the water at Raddie. Continue until you win a glorious victory.


When in battle, in the Indigo Quarry, or Befriended, Dr. Raddie has quotes. Whenever she talks, the quotes are said out loud with Sound Files involving a feminine voice, as well as some static sounds. They are:

  • "Ranchers like you should not exist." [in battle, 1st and 2nd stage]
  • "OW!!!" [hurt]
  • "Slimes should be free, not in stupid corrals." [in battle, 1st and 2nd stage]
  • "This Helicopter shall crush you." [in battle, 1st stage]
  • "OH MY GOSH! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!!" [in battle, cut-scene with the helicopter crash]
  • "I won't give up." [in battle, 2nd stage]
  • "Lets see if you can handle this." [in battle before confusing the protagonist with the "Which is the real one!?" attack]
  • "NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" [True defeat]
  • "Uh... I'm outta here!" [Indigo Quarry, if defeated]
  • "Hi!!" [Indigo Quarry, if battle was skipped by not having any slimes in Corrals]
  • "Err... ERR... um..." [Befriending cut-scene before eating the Oca Oca and jumping up to hug the rancher]
  • "MMMAAAANN I love Rock Slimes, knowing that they ROCK! *winks*" [When looking at Rock Slimes. The "*winks*" is not a part of the quote, but instead makes Dr. Raddie wink non-verbally"]
  • "GET OUTTA HERE, YA STUPID-" [in battle, 1st and 2nd stage, or when fighting Tarr of any variety]
  • "oooh I'm Scared!!" [Fighting Gold Tarr during the Post Apocalypse once they get incredible power and there is more than 5 of them, before fleeing the protagonist, or after the stage in the Post Apocalypse where the Gold Tarr have incredible power received. She says it with more emotion when fighting the more than 5 Gold Tarr]
  • "What?! Do you think I am gonna eat this? No! I am not looking forward to becoming a largo and I know that eating Plorts turns a Slime into a Largo!" [shooting plorts at Dr. Raddie during any moment in the game. One second before she says this, she bats away the plort]
  • "Rock plorts. You seriously think I wanna be a Rock Largo, do you? Sure, I love those slimes, but I do NOT wanna be a Largo during ANY moment in life." [same as above except with Rock Plorts]


  • The fact that she is female is proven by looking at the right of her head REAL closely. If you have good eyes, you are likely to notice a red flower popping from the side of her head.
  • If you are lucky to notice, you can see a picture of a Hero Slime on her left arm. This could be because of how she noticed how similar she is to a Hero slime- Fighting Tarrs and killers, and even getting rid of mean ranchers. However, she loves Rock Slimes.
    • Ironically, you can't become her friend by bringing Rock Slimes to the fight.
  • It is unknown how she got her arms, but considering how smart she is, it seems she could do it somehow anyways.
  • In the Helicopter stage, if you look behind the doorway (which lacks a door) behind Raddie's seat, you can notice a cloning tank of a Bird-Boom largo.
    • This can likely explain why there are unlimited Boom-Birds in the Helicopter.
  • She is unique for not having the word "Boss" at the end of her name.
  • It is possible that she powers all of her technology with her own plorts, or as some prefer, her own poop.
    • This can be proved by the green glow that shows every so often on the technology creations of hers.
  • The reason why she is called "Dr. Raddie" is because she is, of course a rad slime.
  • Raddie was going to be male in the first place, but after UlyssesK402 realized how female his idea sounds, he changed Raddie's gender to female.
  • When Raddie makes a bunch of fake copies of herself, she disappears in the same fashion as she does when teleporting, all the fake clones appear in the same fashion of teleporting and disappear in the same fashion as teleporting.
  • There IS, in fact a way to make friends with her. Once you defeat her, there is a rare chance that you meet here minding her own business in the Indigo Quarry. When she notices the rancher, she tries to flee (seeing as she knows you are too tough), and like a gold slime, after 7-10 seconds, she teleports. You can't vac her because there is something in the robot limbs that make her too heavy to vac no matter what. What you do is drop down some Oka Oka, which is obviously her favorite food. When she notices the Oka Oka, a cut scene starts. You might be thinking "Did I do something bad?" Raddie walks over to the Oka Oka and looks down at it. She then starts repeatedly looking up at the rancher and down at the spuds again over and over faster and faster for 5 seconds. She eats the Oka Oka and obviously produces 2 plorts. She hands them to the rancher, and the rancher takes them and puts them in the VacPack (if you have space. Otherwise, they are handed back), which also gives you two Rad Plorts after the Cut scene ends. Before the cut scene ends, Raddie jumps up to hug the rancher. The rancher gets a surprised face for 2 seconds, but then loses the surprised face, puts down the VacCannon and then hugs back at Raddie. A heart also begins to show up. I know, this trivia bullet point is getting long, but it does not stop here. Raddie then takes ALL of the companion jobs at once (and uses fake clones to work all of the jobs at the same time too). The real Raddie takes the two jobs of Rancher Guard and Riding Slime. She uses her attacks that you saw in stage two when fighting her, and the riding comes with a nice twist. Right Clicking her will make a Helicopter with the following controls- Q: Fly up, Z: Fly down, F: Shoot machine burst, M: Shoot missile, B: Spawn "Fly-and-go-boom" slimes, and H: Shapeshift between Submarine and Helicopter. The submarine can safely enter the Slime Sea and take you through under water. Just look at all the fish!
    • This is only possible if you have no slimes that once lived in the Indigo Quarry in a corral thus far.
  • Despite having robotic limbs, she does not qualify as a robotic slime like the Robo-Pink slime
  • When turning her into your buddy, her fake clones (and herself) don't wear any accessories.
  • When you die in the fight, the "You've been Knocked Out" screen looks a bit glitchy. The second before you go to the days rest, you can see a small jump scare (meaning that it is not very scary) of an angry Dr. Raddie show up. Then, as you sleep, the fourth IN GAME hour has an evil laugh in it.
  • Dr. Raddie does not eat plorts. The reason could be because she is not looking forward to becoming a Largo in life, and her science studies told her that eating plorts makes a slime into a Largo.
  • While the limbs are basically electric, there is something in them that keeps them from being deactivated by the Disarm Slime.
  • Her true intelligence can be truly proved by looking on the other side of the room behind Raddies seat in the Helicopter Stage. A time machine can be shown. This must mean that Raddie is more intelligent than three-quarters of all the people down on Earth.
  • When you make her into your buddy, the real her commonly tends to run to and look at a corral of Rock Slimes. Two seconds after she starts looking, a heart appears floating over her head, proving how fond she is of Rock Slimes. She stops starring at the corral after six seconds.
  • She is the only NPC that will dare to stand in the path of a Gold Tarr.
  • Like a normal Rad Slime, she produces a Radioactive Aurora all the time that will only hurt you if you have not befriended her yet.
  • The sound her laser makes as it charges is identical to the sound the Satellite Beam and Alien Prisoner's Ship's lasers make before they shoot in Alien Hominid HD (XBOX360 game).
  • While Puddle Plorts count as water in the fight, they are pretty useless since there is a water spout in the fight.
  • While she uses Radioactive Lasers, some would say that Slimes can't even get that smart. This reveals that Raddie is most likely one of the most intelligent slimes on the planet.
  • She is currently the only boss without "Boss" anywhere in her name, some of the the others being the Tarrlossus.
  • Beating her results in the achievement: Magic is better
  • Befriending her results in the achievement: Well, we still need technology
  • You can still stand in her radioactive effects (aurora/laser) for 15 seconds and earn "That only works in comic books"
  • She is the first and Up-to-Now ONLY boss with more than one stage of attack other than Lord Goldarr, who has a very similar attack method to Photoshop Flowey, involving EVERY boss that you beat before him, not being able to remember you, similar to the Six Souls in the Flowey Fight.
  • The reason why she had to go up to be a hero is because of her Child Hood, which back then she was being Overwhelmed by Tarr and Rancher invasions. The sighting of a Hero Slime in a Ranchers Vacpac was her inspiration.
  • Ulysses might think that this boss is the first boss in the Wikia without "Boss" ANYWHERE in its name. The truth, however, remains unknown.
  • Her fight is avoidable if you currently have no slimes in corrals.
    • This will still trigger the Submarine cut scene, but then she notices that you don't capture slimes and then goes back into the water.
      • Then, you receive a message about how surprised she was.
      • Before the submarine goes into the water, the camera zooms into it to reveal Dr. Raddie. At first, her face is a little mad, but then, 1 second later, the face transforms into a surprised and embarrassed face. Then, a picture of the players ranch within the current save shows up in a Thought Bubble coming from Dr. Raddie, going through all the ranch Expansions bought. Each image shows how the ranch bares Corrals. Then, the camera zooms outside of the submarine to reveal it submerging once more. Then, the cut scene ends.
        • This cut scene (and message) will not show up if you fought Dr. Raddie first and won.
    • After you put a slime in a Corral, though, and wander back in, she'll fight you and then give you that normal defeat message again.
    • If you get past her using said method, then she is instantly befriended, saving you from things massive armies of Tarr that looks like it would be impossible for the protagonist to beat or when your HP is INSANELY low (Goldarr not included) by Running/Teleporting to you, grabbing you, and then teleporting you to a randomized area that has been unlocked that is pretty much safe.
      • When fed Oca Oca, Right Clicking her will have a chance to make her give you a tour of one of her favorite places to visit.
    • After this, MANY bosses are skipped with a new cut-scene, which will only apply with bosses that are made of otherwise innocent slimes. Basically, the cut-scene involves Dr. Raddie telling those slimes NOT to attack.
      • This will restrict achievements but not loot. However, it gives different achievements. These are:
        • Bound To Time : (Skip Sheeba and Leena's First fight in the tesla plains. NOTE. Their 2nd attack on the ranch and their 3rd attack in the moss blanket will not be skipped. just the tesla plains fight.)
        • Rock Science Dr!: Skip the Rock Boss by skipping Dr. Raddie by not having a single corral of slimes.
        • Oh My Swirls: Skip Komaslime's fight without loosing more than 80 health in the Dr. Raddie Fight
        • Crystal chaos: Skip triiodine trios fight with only using puddle plorts in the Dr. Raddie fight
        • Add your own achievements below! (or request)
      • If the bosses/slimes are more like villains, Dr. Raddie will simply just help you in the fight (Goldarr not included)
        • This, too, gives different achievements instead. These are:
          • Fair Fight : (Defeat Sheeba And Leena in the moss blanket. )
          • Add your own achievements below! (or request)
          • sliju war; (defeat Tarrlossus with Dr Raddie's helicopter/sub
          • helicoptor vs mecha (defeat triiodine trio solar eclipse phase 2 with the helicoptor)
  • It was, for a while, that Ulysses wanted to do something like this. The Idea changed some times, such as a group of Pinks controlling a blimp for the G dessert, an ordinary pink controlling a copter for G Dessert, the latter being closest to this. The Pink was just replaced with a Rad Slime that has Robo-arms, and it went for the Quarry.
  • When Dr. Raddie Talks, her mouth does not move. This could mean that she uses a Thought Translator to communicate with different species.
    • This also explains the Static Sounds.
    • Sometimes, she also uses regular Slime Sound Files, because, well, she is a slime, duh.
  • If Dr. Raddie is not befriended, sometimes while sleeping or being away from the Ranch, slimes dissapear. This can implie that Dr. Raddie is rescuing them. However, it is rare that you see an entire corral of slimes dissapear, which implies that Dr. Raddie is trying to be cautious for in case of when the protagonist returns or wakes up. When Dr. Raddie has been defeated in battle, the chance of this happening is largely reduced.
    • If this was the reason why you have no slimes, then you cannot skip the fight.
      • However, if you have slimes in a Corral for more than one day after all slimes have been rescued, skip a day without them all being saved, and then free them, then you can still skip the fight.
  • Dr. Raddie has made a spread on the creators Spore Account. There is even a creation by the name "Ask Dr Raddie," which has gotten lots of questions, such as "Are you a slime?," which got the obvious yes.
  • She is unkillable because whenever she is near death, she teleports somewhere 100% safe. This means that there should not be anything that succeeds to kill her added to the wiki.
  • In the Quarry, you can find a house on one of the high walls of the area. It is a house that is made to look like a massive Rad Slime. In the front is a door painted yellow and two windows on the side that too are yellow. Also a few green windows on the side. When at the house, you might see Dr. Raddie inside doing things, as well as a Computer, a Plort Storage, a fridge, and more that is up to the developers. Outside is a garden (which also has a green Door leading to it) (Will be surrounded by Glass during a Post Apocalypse stage) with lots of different Veggies. The garden is not interactive, though the door is. When opened, you can walk around inside and see all the different stuff, as well as the fridge and computer. If Dr. Raddie has NOT been befriended and sees you at least NEAR or IN the house, she will try to chase you away. If she IS befriended, she will wave. If she sees you in the house before she gets home when befriended, she just wears a shocked face but then carries on as if it never happened. Either way, if befriended, Interacting with the Fridge with her home will lead Raddie to Open it, giving you a selection of different Vegetable Based foods. What a healthy diet for those who don't ranch slimes. ...or at least are friends with the smart slime.
  • Sometimes, you can see a Helicopter fly up and up until it disappears in a flash, or an identical Helicopter appear from an identical flash and go down and down towards the ground, turning into a submarine if over the slime sea. This can imply that Dr. Raddies helicopter doubles as a Starship. And yet, it still just has two forms. So it is just, a helicopter, flying through the stars.
  • If you enter the Indigo Quarry VIA the Ancient Ruins, you won't enter the fight. However, don't think you are safe. If you enter VIA the Dry Reef afterwards, you still get the fight. Not to mention, Dr. Raddie is still exploring the Quarry from time to time. It is possible to see her. If you do, leave the area. If she sees you, the camera leaves Beatrix's perspective and locks onto Dr. Raddie. She first looks extremely shocked, then looks SUPER mad. She begins steaming. And then the camera locks onto Beatrix looking like she just got busted. After that, the camera goes back to Beatrix's perspective. Now Raddie will begin chasing you until you find a way out of the Quarry OR she catches you. Once this happens, you fight Dr, Raddie, except she is steaming. The fight becomes harder because now the attacks do double damage each phase, not to mention that the water spout begins teleporting across the four corners of the battlefield. Winning gives you normal defeat Star Mail but now two crates are guaranteed to have gold slimes.
    • Alternatively, if you have no slimes, the camera leaves Beatrix Vision and locks onto Dr. Raddie. Raddie is first shocked, but then remembers that last time she looked at your ranch, there were no slimes and she was not rescuing them all at once. Then, the camera just goes back to Beatrix's perspective and you get regular battle-skip Star Mail.
    • During the chase, Raddie still uses teleportation, so don't think you can hide. Don't think you can carelessly run, either.
    • Vaccing up slimes in the middle of the chase will increase Raddie's damage count from x2 to x3, x3 to x4, x4 to x5, and so on until the damage is so high that even with the best health upgrade, you die in one hit.
      • Obviously not recommended to vac up those slimes when being chased.
  • There is a low chance you see her in a spot other than the Quarry. If she sees you in these areas, rather than attack, she attempts to teleport all nearby slimes to a different part of the location (Dry Reef, Moss Blanket, Ancient Ruins, Glass Desert) you are in before fleeing the area.
    • If you beat her in battle, She will just flee like she does in the Quarry.
    • Unless you have been in the fight (don't have to beat it), managing to hover the mouse onto her will just show the following text in the top-left: "???" This is to leave the player wondering who she is until they make it to the fight.

Fan Gallery

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MixieRoast's remake.

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