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The Dragon Slime is a rare slime that has a fiery breath an an attitude to match. It spawns rarely anywhere, but often in the Moonlight Cove and the Sky Islands. It favors Scorched Hens,

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The Dragon Slime dines exclusively on meat, and has a strong favorite for Scorched Hens.

Slime Toy:

Dragon Slimes love Lava Lumps! They can watch these mini volcanoes - and the tiny flames they spit out - for hours.


Dragon Slimes are rare and whimsical beasts, that spend most of their time soaring through the clouded expanses of the Sky Islands, or lurking in the dark caves of the Moonlight Cove (Though they are known to pop up randomly else-ware and cause trouble!). Widely considered beautiful and fascinating, these slimes are often sought after by ranchers for their valuable plorts, however these slimes can be difficult to upkeep.

Unlike the vast majority of their slimy cousins, Dragon Slimes share lots of traits with their reptile cousins down on Earth - they are often solitary creatures who dislike being held with too many of their own, and they require shade to properly function (Though they need no warmth from the sun. You can probably see why...). On top of this, their favorite food (The Scorched Hen) isn't even naturally occurring, and therefore hard to harvest. This makes them a challenge to keep, and an even harder challenge to keep happy.

Rancher Risks:

While beautiful, Dragon Slimes are also deadly. If not fed properly, they are vastly aggressive towards ranchers, and - when hungry enough - other slimes, especially those made up of water or ice components. This aggression is often acted out by a searing hot breath of flame, or simply a sharp bite. Even when the slime isn't being aggressive, their bodies are hot to the touch and you'll burn on contact. Worryingly enough, this trait is shared by their plorts, so caution is advised when managing them.

Their ability of powered flight also means that, when the temptation arises, it is a lot more difficult to keep them in their corals than it is a regular slime, and a lot easier for them to reach coops, resulting in stray plorts and possibly deadly consequences...


Dragon Slime plorts are widely used in thermodynamics, and the creation of heat related power sources. Alongside this use in industry, they're often sought after for heat back on earth- a dragon plort makes a good centerpiece for any fireplace, and it'll keep the whole house warm for weeks to come.


Dragon Slimes are mostly green, reptilian looking slimes. However, they sport a deep, fiery glow of orange and yellow, that spreads to the coloration of their reptilian wings and the spikes that adorn their back down to their tail (plus an arrowhead tail!), not to mention their tongue. On top of all that, they have naturally slanted eyes with slit pupils, and a pair of sharp fangs.

While this is their main appearance, the Dragon Slime has a few alternate skins, which are detailed bellow. These are free to add to! Just add a new column to the table.

Alt. Skin Name Description Slime Image Plort Image
Standard The standard Dragon Slime we all know and love/hate. Dragon Slime Dragon Slime Plort
Cave A cave variant of the Dragon Slime, native to the cave within the Moonlight Cove. Cave Dragon Slime Cave Dragon Slime Plort


Here's a small list of tips and tricks that would help in the keeping of Dragon Slimes.

  • Due to the burning heat of their plorts, using a plort collector is recommended to prevent harm to the rancher.
  • Down to how easy it is for them to escape, I'd recommend setting their coral far away from other slimes (Especially water and ice based ones!) and coops.
  • If you're looking to maximize plort production, it would be best to keep them in the grotto, where they can't escape to prey on other slimes or hens, and to largo them with Pink Slime, making them easier to feed, as well as forming an output of a useful Slime Science resource.
  • As the two species get on very well, they can easily be kept among a group of Phoenix Slimes without feeling out of place.


Here's a few little bits of trivia based around the Dragon Slime!

  • When well fed, they're almost like Tabby Slimes! Happy and bouncy, and even able to carry food around, albeit airborne and a lot more deadly than a cute little cat.
  • When turned into a largo with a Bomb Slime, their explosive flames are something like the explosive shot of Toothless from HTTYD. Extra points if they're the cave variant.
  • There's only two places that Dragon Slimes can be found in bulk - surrounding the Dragon Gordo in the Sky Islands, or after you pop the Cave Dragon Gordo in the Moonlight Cove for the Cave variant.
  • There are a ton of parallels between Dragon Slimes and Pheonix slimes, to the point they get on quite well, all things considered.
  • My first slime rancher OC I designed is a Dragon Slime named Sephy, who was later renamed to Blayze. I now have him as just a normal dragon OC.
  • Legends speak of one huge, colossal Dragon Slime, that sleeps slumbering in a distant mountain...


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