Welcome! This here is a guide on how to create a boss page. If your page doesn't follow the correct format, chances are it will be put up for deletion, so you must stick to this.

Page Name: The name can just be the name of the boss.

The boss infobox is 'Infobox Boss (Use this One)'.

'Next, you need to create a quote. This should be the 'Block Quote' word format, and needs to be in italics. Its normally added to create a little humour on the page, and should just be a funny little note.
Under this, create a short little description of your boss, such as what it is.

Appearance (Heading)

Here, describe how your boss looks. If it have different forms, use a subheading to separate each appearance.

Occurrence (Heading)

Where is your boss found, and how and when does the fight start? Describe that here.

Fight (Heading)

You can describe your fight in whatever format you want!! Since there isn't such thing as a boss in the actual game, this is a pretty free rein type of page. Some ideas of what to include:

  • Attacks.
  • Occurrences throughout the the fight.
  • Changes in appearance.
  • How it acts when defeated.

Post Defeat (Heading) (Optional)

What do you get for beating the boss? That can be described here.

Story (Heading) (Optional)

Does your boss have a certain story behind it? You can write that here.

Tips (Heading) (Optional)

  • This entire section needs needs to be bullet pointed.
    • With indents for sub-points.
  • If you have any tips to your fellow ranchers on how to beat this boss, place that here.

Trivia (Heading) (Optional)

  • Here, you put any other little bits of info that you couldn't squeeze into the rest of the page.
    • It needs to be bullet pointed the same as the 'Tips' section is.

Gallery (Heading) (Optional)

Here is where you put all your images of your slime. To insert a gallery, click on 'Insert Gallery' at the top of the page, and find the images you want. Some ideas of what to put in the gallery would be:

  • An image of the boss.
  • An image of it's fight.

Now, you can hit the 'Save Page' button, because you're done making your page! However, there's one last thing to do: The categories! A boss slime needs the Slime category, the Boss category, and a category that tells us who owns the page. For more detail on this, please see our Category Guide.

If you have any additional questions to ask, forward them on the comments of this page, or on the help board within the forums.

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