Welcome! This is an example on how a page for Items should look. Following this template is the first step to making a high-quality page.

The correct infobox to use is called "The Official SS Resource Infobox".

While not necessarily required, you can add an italicized Block Quote here. Usually, it contains a short and witty statement regarding the item!
Here, you provide a brief explanation of the item.

Info in the Slimepedia (Heading)

Description (Sub-heading 1)

Here, you write some details about the item. It should contain humorous diatribes about its scientific purposes, origins or anything else you see fit.

On the Ranch (Sub-heading 1)

Here, write what it's used for. Items specifically used for Slime Science have this description:

Deposit (your item) into the Lab's refinery where it can be used for crafting Slime Science gadgets.

Usage (Heading) (Optional)

Here, you can go into detail about where and how this item is used, if the item does something distinctly unique. You don't need to have this section otherwise.

Appearance (Heading)

Here, describe the item's appearance, Try to go into detail, such as saying if it resembles anything.

Trivia (Heading) (Optional)

  • Here, you write any small trivial information.
  • Only use bullet points for this section.
    • Any smaller info goes into indented points.

Gallery (Heading) (Optional)

Here's where you put all of the images related to the item. Simply click "Insert Gallery" at the top and select the images you want to put into it. Suitable pictures would be:

  • An image of the item.
  • An image of the item in use.
  • Any drafts/old versions of the item's design.

Lastly, give the page the "Items" category, as well as your personal category and you're ready to save your new page!

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