Welcome! This here is a guide on how to create a NPC page.

Page Name: The name can just be the name of the NPC.

The NPC infobox is 'Infobox NPC (use this One)'.

Biograpy (Heading)

In this section you will write some of the details of the NPC, such as when I arrived at Far Far Range, to which it is dedicated, its personality, what it asks of you and what rewards it gives you.

Dialogue (Heading)

Here you will put the phrases that it says to you in the trade machine.

Trivia (Heading) (Optional)

  • Here, you put any other little bits of info that you couldn't squeeze into the rest of the page.

Gallery (Heading) (Optional)

Here is where you put all your images of your slime. To insert a gallery, click on 'Insert Gallery' at the top of the page, and find the images you want. Some ideas of what to put in the gallery would be:

  • An image of the NPC.
  • An image of the trading machine.
  • An image of the NPC’s ranch.

Now, you can press the save button, because you finish your page!

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