"Shake your tail feathers!"

Feather Slimes are Phosphor-esque slimes that are able to fly anywhere. Unlike Phosphors, they are more energetic and they stay up all day and night, grouping up with other slimes.

Slimepedia Info

Slimeology: Feather slimes spend most of their days happily dancing across the sky. Feather slimes are very cuddly when on the ground and are helpful to other slimes when they are cold. These slimes can be easily called one of the nicest slimes on the planet.

Rancher Risks: If left unattended, feather slimes will try to fly out of their corrals. So keep watch of your feather slimes or add an Air Net to your corral if you don't want to lose your precious feathered friends.

Plortonomics: Feather plorts are very soft to the touch, thus making the right material to fill up pillows and stuffed animals. The demand for feather plorts is unsurprisingly high in pillow and stuffed animal factories. Luckily these plorts are easy to produce.

Other Info

Appearance: Feather slimes vary in color, but the most common hue is white and sky blue. Their body shape is that of a normal slime, but fluffier. They have large, soft feathery wings along with a small tuft of hair on their head/body.

Plort Appearance: Like feather slimes, they vary in color but are usually colored white and sky blue. Feather plorts looks like the average plort, but with feathers sticking out of it.

Largo Properties: If another slime were to eat a feather plort and turn into a largo, it will gain the wings and hair tuft of a feather slime.