The stickiest body on the Far Far Range.




White Hen

Slime Toy

Glue Stick

Reduces agitated slimes, especially Glue slimes, who are fascinated with the primitive glue, and uses it all over the place.


Glue slimes are usually near freshwater lakes, because they needed fresh water to rejuvenate their sticky bodies. If a Rancher was to touch a Glue slime, the slime will stick to him or her.

Rancher Risks

There isn't much risk of a Glue slime, except for the fact that they will stick to you. Plus, if they are out of water for far too long, they'll stop eating, (therefore stop producing Plorts) and start to be more concerned about their survival, and search for a nearby source of water. This may lead to shy Puddle slimes if you have the max numbers of them. They also stick to the nozzle instead of being sucked in.


Glue Plorts are valued for arts and crafts people, because when they are refined, they are turned into a special type of liquid glue that can dry ten times as fast, and ten times as strong as regular glue.


The Glue slime's body is similar to that of a Radiant Slime, except that its colour is translucent white. Its Gordo is the same as a Pink Slime Gordo, however, it has its tip, like mentioned before.


  • Ranching Glue slimes are tricky, as they stick to you, so it is recommended to use a Plort collector to collect their plorts.
    • Same is true for whatever food you are feeding.
  • They also need water to survive, meaning they are one of the few slime species that cannot survive without it.
  • Since they get stuck in the nozzle, it is recommended that you should get the Glue Proof Nozzle upgrade.
  • Since White Hens are extremely rare, it's best to cross glue slimes with another slime that has a fruit or vegetable preference.


  • Since Glue slimes require water to survive, it may be considered aqueous.
  • Their ability to stick gives a few new Achievements.
    • This includes Aren't Tar Already Sticky? and A Sticky Situation.
  • Due to their sticky nature, they are also slow.
  • Their plorts are completely white, like actual glue.