The gold boss is triggered when you have a total of 50 Gold Plorts in your inventory. After you collect all 50 Gold Plorts, a cutscene plays. In this cutscene, a gold slime appears. The camera zooms in at the gold slime. Then the screen goes completely black. After 3 seconds, the same gold slime hops on screen. Then the area lightens up, revealing a room made of pure gold. The gold slime flicks a lever, allowing a grow ray to appear. Then, the gold slime goes into the grow ray, making it larger than Gordo Sized. There is no exit in sight.

You will need nothing to fight this guy. At the top of the screen, there is a yellow healthbar with the Words "Gold Boss!?" above it.


When fighting, he has skills. They are listed below:

Golden Rampage

A door appears, unleashing Gold Rock Largos... WAIT WHAT!? That's right! Gold Rock Largos. They're angry too. However, they eventually disappear.


5 Gold Plorts appear. One of them is real, while the other 4 are explosive. If you collect the non-explosive plorts, you get a reward. The other four Gold Plorts. You can use these Gold Plort to deal 5hp to the Gold Boss.

Speed Boost

A sign lands. This sign has a target on it. The gold boss rushes to the sign in a 10th of a second. This makes it the fastest slime in slime rancher. If the rancher stands in the gold boss's way, the gold boss will knock her to the wall of the room.


Upon defeat, white beams come from the gold boss. The gold boss panics, and explodes into 25 gold slimes. Strangely, these gold slimes are in your inventory. 25 crates also appear. Each of them with a Gold Plort. Gold Slimes can now be found more often, can be put in your inventory, and won't dissapear as often. You can also make largos with gold slimes now. However, it also slightly increases the chance of Gold Tarrs.


  • Most of the gold boss's skills make flat out NO SENSE
  • The music that plays is "Battle Against a True Hero" from Undertale
    • This is a refference to the fact that the Gold Tarr's theme is "Power of Neo" from Undertale.
  • Beating him results in the achievement "WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?"
  • If you die, you start back at the gold room, with the Gold Boss at full health.

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