"All that is gold does not glitter"

"Godly Over-Powered Literal Death on Those Awful Ravenous Rainbows"

(both quotes are for whatever pleases the developers.)

A Gold Tarr sounds nice, but it is worse than even a Killer Slime itself. They are actually fast things with a never-ending hunger. They don't produce Plorts, and they just eat ANYTHING in their path (yes, even things on the ranch). It has a 4 out of 1030 chance to spawn instead of a Regular Tarr. Whatever they eat, they produce from 1 to 4 more Golden Tarrs and never NOT reproduce, making them really bad beasts. If it is a favorite, it is 3 to 12 instead. When one is near, the song of Mettaton NEO from Undertale plays instead of the regular Tarr theme.

It gets worse. It takes five Grass Plorts and one Gold Plort to cure it, and ten shots of water to kill it. Instead of dying when you throw them to sea, they actually stand on top of the waters of the Slime Sea. It does not stop there, though. They move a max of the Speed of sound, and they can jump twenty thousand feet high.



More than a Pink Slime


Incinerators, Ranchers, Killer Slimes


The Gold Tarr is the worse thing ever known to man on the Far, Far range. When they spawn, even the strongest tremble in fear and run, though it seems that Raddie does not have any fear of them, seeing as she has already killed a pack of twenty thousand before. No one likes these dudes, except for other Tarrs of any kind of course. Wait, even Killer Slimes run when they see these! WHAT THE- [the rest of this sentence has been censored]

Rancher Risks

These are the biggest threat ever known to man. Unless Raddie is your friend there is hardly any fighting back, as Raddie is the only slime known to fight these without fear. Everyone else runs, but maybe you are one of the two known to fight these?

OK. Let's get to the point. These things eat anything in their path. They eat fruits, veggies, gold slimes, other slimes (with the exception of any other Tarr variant) meat, ranchers, and stuff on the ranch (yes, they eat Corral Walls and eat your useful stuff). They also rot crops nearby like a normal Tarr. They eat rotten food as well, making them more disgusting than they look.


These dudes make zero plorts. Instead, it is another bunch of Gold Tarrs over and over until they die. And those Gold Tarrs reproduce as well, and then those Gold Tarrs reproduce, and the- Wait, do we have to go further with this? It will just go on to infinity.


A Gold Tarr has the size of a Gordo Slime. It has the shape of a Normal Tarr, but with the same colors as a Gold Slime. It still has the rainbow Eyes and Mouth, though.


  • Companion Slimes of any job also tremble in fear and run when they spot a golden Tarr.
  • If there is both a Nearby normal Tarr and Golden Tarr, the Golden Tarr theme will always play first no matter what. Once the G Tarr is killed first, the Regular Tarr theme plays until that Tarr is killed. This is the same with other Tarr variants
  • Dr. Raddie is the only NPC that will actually fight a Golden Tarr.
    • Because of this, Dr. Raddie is a helpful companion.
  • Because of their chance of spawning, it is incredibly rare that you actually find one of these, similar to the gold slime.
  • Because of how fast they move and how high they jump, Sprinting with Dash Boots or flying with Sky Drive won't help you escape.
  • The Pulse Wave actually pushes them pretty dang far back, making it more useful than the Pulse Wave is with other slimes. They might even fly farther than the camera can render, but it does not count as killing them. It still takes them 3-6 IN GAME days to come back, so don't worry. They will also lose you.
  • Holding onto one for 40 seconds gets you the achievement: That can't be possible.
  • You can't make it a companion like normal Tarrs.
  • Curing one results in the achievement: I don't think that happened
  • The best way to get them cured is by using a mod that lets you have a Corral of Gold Slimes that don't disappear and diet SOMETHING. This way, you can have enough Gold Plorts to cure every Gold Tarr you meet.
  • When they are cured, they turn back into the slime it previously was.
    • If it was made from Reproduction, the Gold Tarr turns into the slime that its base Tarr previously was.
  • When you can finally make golden largos, Golden Largos have a 90% chance to turn into Gold Tarrs and a 10% chance to turn into normal Tarrs.
  • There is a two out of ten chance that a Tarr gives a golden mutation to a new Tarr when reproducing.
  • They are not technically bosses, explaining why they are not in the category.
  • They are so bad that even a Killer Slime wants to get out of it's way.
  • They eat LITERALLY everything that goes on the map. If it is something that was not supposed to be eaten, it eventually comes back within 2-3 minutes.
    • This makes them extremely annoying to deal with, as they can eat your Plort Market, your Plot Buttons, and even eat Teleporters. However, they don't eat Gordos.
  • They weren't originally going to have the teardrop thing, but after ScribbleMasterer added it to the picture, Ulysses decided to keep it anyways.
  • When you kill them, they turn burst into 6 Gold Slimes and drop off a crate.
  • The only thing that a Gold Tarr does not eat other than Gordos is other Tarr variants and Gold Tarrs (yes, that excludes the Killer Slime).
  • They are made of 100% gold but still have Rainbow Eyes and Mouths though. This explains WHY the Solar Room does not evaporate them into Regular Tarrs.
  • Ulysses has noticed a Speedy Deletion Template using this slime on the Slime Rancher Fanon Wikia recently.
  • Going into the "UlyssesK402's pages" Category and then sorting by "Most Visited" will reveal that this is UlyssesK402s most visited page, Dr Raddie being in second place.
  • The secondary quote for in case the developers decide that they need a better quote was added because it turns "Gold" into an acronym for something else.
    • Proof:
      • Godly
      • Over-Powered
      • Literal
      • Death


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A somewhat accurate remake of the Gold Tarr in Spore.

Gold Tarr (1)
Gold Tarr
The Golden Tarr
Gold Tarr-0

EmeraldPlay's Recreation.

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