Because reasons.
Goo Slime is a rather rare slime.

Slimepedia Entry

Goo Slimes are some better stuff. They are more gooey, so they can stick with other slimes in a totem. So, if you want to make totem showcases, then it's a pretty good slime to ranch....

Rancher Risk

However, if they stick for too long, they turn into an Largo, and if the Largo sticks with yet one more slime, it will turn into a Tarr. So, be careful with these guys.


The goo slime plorts are oftenly used to make stuff like synthetic squid goop or superhyperglue. You might make some, but you need to do lots of lots of lots of work. The plorts also are hinking 24 hours per day. LOL, you are goin' to have a TROMBONE time, eh?


Goo Slimes are grey slimes at goo consistency.