"Something something forests."
The Grass Slime can rarely be found in the Glass Desert, and can also be found in the Moss Blanket and the Indigo Quarry more commonly.



Grass Slimes eat fruits and veggies. Their favorite foods are carrots.


Grass Slimes thrive in grassy areas, but can be found in the Glass Desert on occasion. Its diet is similar to that of a Pink Slime, except it does not eat meat. In nature, they tend to and protect plants, so they can help guard crops as well.

Slime Toy

This slime's favorite slime toy is the Solar Plant because they just love dancing to these things.

Rancher Risks

Grass Slimes pose no known risks to ranchers.


Back on earth, Grass Plorts are good fertilizer. Everybody loves the plorts. These plorts can be ground with bone marrow to make super fertilizer.


Grass Slimes are green slimes that have a single vine hanging from them. Most largos of this type are green, so they do not get mixed up with others.


  • The plorts are used for curing the Tarrs. When curing the tarr, it becomes the slime it previously was.
  • It's best for you to combine these slimes with Pink Slimes, since it basically makes it a pink slime with a favorite food.


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  • Curing a Tarr will result in the achievement "The Cure"