"It tries it's best to be a hero, but it's made of slime"
The Hero Slime is a brave (and heroic, as the name suggests), semi-rare variation of a slime. It is found mainly in the Indigo Quarry, but occasionally, in the Glass Desert as well.

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Hero slimes are often found either alone exploring, or playing with some other hero slimes. Something inside it made it want to help destroy all evil, and thus, evolved overtime until it formed a "helmet-horn" and started eliminating most dangers, including the Tarr. It also has seemed to grow a hatred towards Rock Slimes, but, for some reason, is fine making a Largo with one. Some question if it's alright in the head slime. Despite so, it's a loyal companion when dealing with any Tarr infestations on the ranch.

Rancher Risks

This slime will attempt to jump out of it's corral when a Tarr or a Killer Slime is within radius. If it manages to eat something while out, it will create a Plort, which can be consumed by a slime to create a Largo. If one other plort is out there, and consumed by the largo, the Hero slime might have to fight something created with it's own waste, or as some prefer, it's own poop... which is just vulgar.

On the other hand, if a Hero Slime is met with a Rock Slime, it will attack the slime the same way it attacks a true enemy, such as Tarr, by ramming it's "horn" in the fashion of a rhino. This makes putting them in the same corral an unideal plan. It will also do so to the Rancher if it is attacked by them.


Hero Slime's plorts, when fed to animals, tends to make them braver and some owners report that the animal even becomes significantly stronger. It had accidentally been digested by a human once, and the human had become a powerful force, joining the army. Further testing will be needed for this substance. Oh, it also makes great polish for hard surfaces.


It is a cream yellow slime with a silver helm-like horn on it's forehead. When being part of a Largo, it keeps a horn, much like how a Rock Slime will keep it's rocks. When mixing with a Honey Slime though, it will have it's horn, and honeycombs wrapping around it's head like a(n oversized) crown.



  • A slime expert has suggested making a Largo out of the Hero with a Bird slime to defend against Killer Slimes.
  • Rock Slimes do not attack Hero Slimes (to avoid confusion)
  • Breaking a fight between a Hero Slime and a Rock Slime 5 times will result in the achievement "Peacemaker"
  • Making a Hero-Phosphor largo will result in the achievement "Night Warrior of Flight"
  • Hero Slimes might target the Dragon Slime, since they take on a 'knight in shining armor' persona.
  • Transparency program makes the edges bumpy.
    • Fixing will be attempted
  • For some reason it looks like it has eyebrows.
  • It still attacks Tarrs, Killer Slimes, and Tarrlossus despite them knowing of their coming doom.
    • It will also attack Mock Slimes, because of the Mock's threatening appearance.
    • This is partially why they're rare, though, not close to extinction
    • They also like battling other Hero Slimes as a spar, just for fun
  • This is Derpagonair's first slime made on the Wiki!