"Puts the 'horse' in seahorse!"
The Hippocampus Slime is a slime-based off of a Hippocampus from Greek Mythology. It has an upper half of a semi-blue, cloudy gray horse, and a bottom half resembling a fish tail, colored like a stormy sky. Its mane is the same color.

This is also Derpagonair's official submission for the Mangetsu No Suraimu Competition (which, for some reason, is labeled as an external link)

Slimepedia Entry


The Hippocampus eats primarily vegetables but has no particular favorite. It is believed it favors vegetables, as it resembles seaweed/seagrass, a delicacy for the Hippocampus Slime.

It actually has a favorite, but it is unobtainable without cheats/an addition to scuba gear or something like so. Slimegrass is similar to seagrass and only grows at the bottom of the Slime Sea.


Once a belief, but now real! A Hippocampus Slime, not something you sea every day. Whale, these slimes are found flying through the waves of the Slime Sea. Rarely, they will come on land, and you may be surprised at their size (3/4 size of a Largo), and are actually ridable! Be careful, since, if you fall off...

Rancher Risks

Hippocampus can be a tad shy, especially in sea, but if you feed one enough to have it become your friend or one happens to be laying on land, you can ride these guys! They are a quick way to travel, or just might be the only way to travel in sea! However, if one is hungry, it has a chance to throw you off of it if it's hungry for too long, making you fall into The Slime Sea.

These slimes also are very good for plorts, but they are quite rare for many. Also, if one hasn't touched any source of water in a long time, they have a chance to not produce a plort upon being fed.


The plorts of these creatures can be crushed to create a rubbery, waterproof "leather". Divers use it all the time as one of the best underwater armors out there! Some people are using it to make comfy bathtubs, too. Did I mention the stuff is also shiny as fish scales?


"It has an upper half of a semi-blue, cloudy gray horse, and a bottom half resembling a fish tail, colored like a stormy sky. Its mane is the same color." as stated earlier. It also has dark, deep sea eyes. Seeming to be 3/4 the size of a largo, they are large for a slime.




  • It was mentioned before, but, this is an entry for the Mangetsu No Suraimu Competition.
    • A Hippocampus is a half horse, half fish creature. It is believed to be created by Poseidon, the God of the Sea in Greek Mythology, who created horses AND fish!
    • I didn't want to shorten the name since then it would be a "Hippo Slime", and that's just weird.
  • There is a 1/185600 chance to encounter a winged Hippocampus automatically docked near The Dry Reef when starting a new game. It will not run away.
    • A winged Hippocampus can swim twice as fast as a regular, and can jump higher into the air. This one will almost always dock to an area near where the player is standing if they approach shore.
    • This is why winged Hippocampus Slimes ridiculously rare.
  • They almost don't fit into a Vacpac, because of their size. You may only take half as many Hippocampus Slimes as you can normally take, however.