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"Don't fold one onto itself"


Hyper-dimensional slimes have a very strange history. They were created when an adorable experiment done by slimekind went wrong. The researchers believed they could open a wormhole opening up the fourth dimension. The wormholes exit was opened in a cyan blob (the opposite of a pink slime) and the entrance was in a pink slimes mouth (they thought it would be the dimension of infinite chickens). A slime rancher found the hybrid an hour later. She gave the slime to scientists, and they were able to use the special slime DNA (known as DNaaww) to populate the ranch.

Rancher Risks

Hyper-dimensional slimes can morph through the thin corral walls if hungry enough. They can also hurt you, but only if upset. Things thrown at a hyper-dimensional slime tend to disappear.


Hyper-dimensional plorts have only 3 sides. Scientists are getting close to understanding them, but their only method research destroys the plorts in the process. They are also used for "Xtra-Dimensional" Knives, one of the sharpest knives on the market (and one of the most confusing)

Creator's note

I feel the slimepedia entry kinda says it all, which is why I'm not adding in anything other than it. Not much special about these slimes, but im not sure how the game would handle the plorts. I guess they would be contained in a bubble, and the actual plort itself would always be facing you so you only see 1 side at a time. I guess that wraps up this slime.