'A slime that kills other slimes, but loves to destroy ranchers.'
Killer Slimes have sharp teeth. They only eat Slimes and ranchers. They have a 30% chance to spawn instead of tarrs.

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Ranchers, Tarr and Pink Slimes


Killer Slimes are dangerous slimes that despite being similar, they don't get along with the Tarr. They have a 30% chance to spawn instead of a Tarr. They don't eat chickens, but they will destroy ANYTHING on the ranch (incinerators, corrals, ect). They are 'bloody' horrible *wink*, and whats odd is that they only produce plorts when given their favorite food. They are too big to fit in the vacpack.

Rancher Risks

You thought that we told you that the Tarr are the single biggest threat to ranchers? Here is something worse. If you get one of these, it might demolish ALL of your corrals, gardens, ponds, just EVERYTHING that goes on the ranch. It would be a good idea to throw these into the slime sea. They are worse than Tarrs and Feral Slimes combined. Incinerating them would not work. You cannot cure them with a Grass Plort.


The Killer Slime only produces plorts when given one of it's 3 favorites. Otherwise, they just reproduce EXACTLY like the Tarr do.

Killer Plorts are used to make deadly weapons that are almost illegal. However, even though the default Plort cost is one hundred, it's completely impossible to ranch these, as they will just destroy the corral.


Killer Slimes are slimes with what seems like blood running down them.


  • Just like the tarr, ranching Largos is proffitable, but don't get a stray plort. Ever. You might get these.
  • Grass Plorts can't cure them. So by the time you find one of these, kill it.
    • Although that is the case, you can cure them with three shots of water, 1 Rad Plort, and 2 Pink Plorts. They become the slime it was before.
  • They will demolish ANYTHING on the ranch that they touch. This means that there is no point in keeping them trapped in a corral, as when they touch the walls of a corral, inside or outside, the corral will be demolished. They also turn incinerators into ash instead of the incinerator turning them into ash. So the only way to get rid of it is by either throwing it to the slime sea or by curing it with water.


  • Killing twenty of them during one adventure on the range gives you the achievement: "Law Supporter"
  • This is a reference to "The Killer Bunny" from Minecraft. The Killer Bunny has a spawnrate of "0.04%" in that game.
  • There is blood on the slime to show how deadly it is.
    • This can cause it to look like a vampire.
  • Rather than attacking, Killer Slimes flee upon sighting a Bird Slime. The reason is because the Killer Slime is one of the two favorites of the Bird Slime. However, don't feed them to bird slimes on your ranch, because the corral will just get destroyed as it is shot through the barrier.
    • This makes Bird Slimes a useful companion. Imagine flying around on like, maybe a Pink Bird Largo and scaring the poop out of these things (they don't actually leave plorts when scared).
  • Other slimes won't eat their plorts, and they don't eat other plorts.
  • Despite the fact that the Tarr is one of their favorite foods, they ironically flee upon sighting a Gold Tarr. This proves how big of a threat a Gold Tarr is: So bad that only Raddie does not Tremble in fear upon sighting one of these horrible creatures.
  • When one is Near, Sans theme from Undertale plays instead of a normal Tarr song, suggesting that they give you a bad time.
  • Unlike a Gold Tarr, they have no chances of spawning from a Tarrs reproduction.
  • This slime turned into an accidental advertisement on the original Slime Rancher wikia. UlyssesK402 posted a Reply to a Comment on the Tarr Page saying "Then this is the perfect slime for you!" The entire reply was a link to this artical. It ended up bringing lots of people to the Slime Rancher fanon wikia, thus making it more popular
    • This accident may likely bring us hope that a Slime Rancher developer comes to this wiki and puts some of these ideas on the game. Mean time, if Ulysses learns great enough Coding skills, he is likely to make a Mod that will add some (and soon all) of the ideas on this wiki.
  • All of the different remakes of the slimes plorts seem to have different blood patterns.
  • Some of the remakes of this slime have fangs, though they are not suppose to.
    • The mouth they are suppose to have is similar to that of a leech.
  • They do have a replenish-able Hunger level. When full, they will stop eating, but will still kill innocent Creatures and Tarr (except for Gold ones) for the beep of it in the following ways:
    • Pushing Non-Slime animals (that includes humans and tarr) into the slime sea (if they don't swim or fly or eat the crime commiter)
    • Biting at Slimes, Humans, Chickens, or Tarr until they die from injury (gee, what a waste).
    • Stealing Good food from a hungry, near (starvation) death creature, and throwing it away to where it is NEVER useful AGAIN.
    • Throwing a creature of ANY KIND into a Tarrs Mouth or another Killer Slimes hungry mouth (if other Hungry Killer slimes are around). This will never include basic Carnivore Slimes, Meat Eating Largos, Meat Eating Gordos, or even... GOLD TARR!
      • They will also try the following ways with Dr. Raddie without knowing of her intelligence that makes her a threat to Killer Slimes.