Template:Free-use-food"A bright green cucumber... that looks more like a zucchini."

Kuycumbers are vegetables. They are favored by Aqua Slimes.

Ranching Tips

Kuycumbers can be found in the ground of the Moss Blanket and the Lakelands. If you can reach it before the slimes do, you'll be able to get a whole lot of them. If not, you can scavenge for them in other parts of the area; however, it's one of the more uncommon foods.

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Favored By

Aqua Slime

On the Ranch

Deposit a kuycumber into a garden's depositor and you'll grow a large kuycumber patch of your very own. This patch will last for several harvests.

Kuycumber are an uncommon sight anywhere with water on the Far, Far Range. Not as delicious as it's counterpart on earth, they're most notable for being found on water.


  • Kuycumbers can be found in water.
    • This is a reference to the sea organism "Sea Cucumber"
    • Sea kuycumber, am I right?
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