The Laser Incinerator is an incinerator that shoots lasers at nearby tarrs, Killer Slimes and Gold Tarrs, however lasers take 2 seconds to kill tarrs, 4 seconds to kill killer slimes, and 10 seconds to kill Gold Tarrs, making them rather useless against gold tarrs due to their fast reproduction speed.

Its suggested to add about 3 laser incinerators around your corral to damage the Tarrlossus.

The Building Recipie can be crafted in the Blueprint Shack.


Feel free to add your own upgrades.

Advanced Range

Increases range significantly. Cost: 1000

More damage

Increases laser damage two times. Cost: 1000

Yokai repellent

stops MrYokaiAndWatch902 from saying it can't kill gold tarrs or killer slimes.

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