In the slime rancher world, you can find microbes that cause diseases slimes can randomly get, but can spread from slime to slime. You can raise a slimes cure level, cure its disease or make it temporarily immune to all diseases by using Pills,Medpacks. Here is a list of microbes.

This page has been split into two because it's getting too large, and will continue to be split in the future. If your disease is not a contagious infection, add it on the Sicknesses page. Otherwise, add your own diseases at the bottom of the page.

Leukslimia (Non-Lethal)


Leukslimia occurs randomly when a largo or tarr is formed or, being infected by microbes, consuming Tarr Plorts, or close contact with one. It does not infect grass slimes.


It will make slimes look like a puddle of tarr. It causes depression to slimes making them only eat their favorite food. They will only produce only one tarr plort which, when consumed, causes Leukslimia or tarrs. You can cure these by splashing them with water to make a random plort. These slimes unlike tarrs, don't expire, but will die instantly when in contact with water and can be cured with a grass plort or pill.

Radiated Disease (Non-Lethal)

This disease makes all affected slimes gain a radiated aura, like the rad slime, rad slimes are immune to this disease. The range and damage of the aura depends on if its a largo or single slime, and what its cure level is. It can do major damage to your slimes even though it's not lethal. This is because rad slimes are immune to the radiation, and other slimes are immune to external radiation, but when the radiation is inside the slime, it's poisonous. It causes a slime to slowly lose the ability to function. After one day it produces one plort when fed it's favorite, and after a week it has gotten to the point where it cannot move because it is in so much pain. It does not go way until fed a water pill.

Boom Disease (Sometimes-Lethal)

The boom disease makes all affected slimes explode randomly with no warning, boom slimes are immune to this disease. The frequency of the explosions and explosion range depends on its cure level, however the range can also depend on if its a largo or not. The reason it can be lethal is because while the body chemistry of a boom slime allows it to safely explode without combusting, other slimes do not have this and so can combust with a big enough explosion. High amounts of internal heat/energy tend to make explosions stronger and therefore more likely to kill. Small slimes with no cure level have a 25% mortality rate, largos have a 50% mortality rate. Crystal slimes and other slimes with a high body heat (like dragon slimes) have double the mortality rate of their respective size and cure level, so do slimes that produce energy (like rad slimes). This disease lasts 3 days, any slime that survives is immune.

Feral Disease (Non-Lethal)

Feral Disease makes all affected slimes become feral, attacking the rancher and forgetting who they are. Even though it is named Feral Disease and it's most known effect is aggressive behavior, there are other effects that are related to forgetting, and this disease is really a contagious form of amnesia. These effects include forgetting what it's diet is (producing no plorts when eating the wrong food) and forgetting where it lives. However, if a slime has been taken good care of, it is immune to the disease, as only stress can make a slime's immune system weak enough to be infected. Cure level does not affect this disease, it has to go away on it's own. This disease is used in many mini games.

Blob Disease (Non-Lethal)

The Blob Disease will make slimes into a 2 dimensional puddle on the ground, refusing to do anything, and only producing 1 plort if its fed its favourite food, producing none if fed anything other. Cure level does not affect this disease, puddle slimes are immune to this disease. It goes away on it's own after three days.

Rock Disease (Lethal)

The Rock Disease will trap slimes in a rocky shell, hurting them over time. Agressive slimes will use their abilities to break out of the shell and keep it from growing enough to suffocate them but docile slimes will end up dying if not fed a cure pill. Cure level increases the time you have before the slime dies, Rock slimes are immune to this disease.

Chomp Disease (Lethal)

Chomp Disease will make a bunch of small microbes start eating at the slime, ending up killing it if not cured with a cure pill. The Cure Level will increase the time before the slime dies. Honey Slimes, Strawberry Slimes, and other food based slimes are killed twice as fast from this disease.

Tarr Disease (Lethal)

Tarr Disease slowly turns slimes into tarrs. Dark Slimes and Angelic Slimes are immune to this disease, and grass slimes are immune to this disease. Here is how it works: getting grabbed by a tarr without being eaten has a very low chance of transmitting the disease, but it has a 50% chance of spreading if bitten by an infected slime. The amount a slime is infected goes up by 1% gradually until it reaches 99%, and it is also the percentage of how much of the slime has turned black. It takes roughly a week for a slime to reach 99%. When a slime is first infected, it is difficult to notice physically, and they behave normally. When the slime reaches 25%, they need to eat a lot more. When they reach 50%, they isolate themselves, and other slimes stay away from them, they are banished from slime holes. They will be less mobile, behaving a bit sluggishly. When they reach 75%, they are very weak, moving slowly. They have strange behavior, always drooling and sleeping when not seeking food. While Tarr no longer eat these slimes, they are prone to starvation. When they reach 90%, they are hostile, attacking any slime they come across, and trying to bite them. This is when they are dangerous, because these guys can spread the disease quite fast in a large population. When they reach 99%, they stop progressing, and mutate into a half-tarr. After a week of that, they finally become a Tarr.

Muscle Disease (Indirectly-Lethal)

This Disease, unlike the rest, are actually helpful to slimes, and increase in chance depending on how much cure they have, it increases their damage dealt, and they produce double plorts. It spreads quickly too! However when you have this with the Feral Disease it can be trouble. Until after a week of this... Then the slime becomes tired really quickly from all the excess energy it's expending, making the slime go comatose and eventually die from starvation or thirst. A green pill will end the disease.

Statues Glare (Lethal)

Microbe onset paralysis, nicknamed Statues Glare as a nod to the gray pigmentation of the membrane as a side effect, is a disease that infects Rock Slimes by turning them to stone. It takes 48 hours for the effects to instantly set in. While dormant, the simple heartbeet test will help decide whether a slime has Statues Glare, if a slime that would normally chomp down a heartbeet refuses it entirely, it has Statues Glare. Statues Glare is incurable, and can be spread via contact. However, 50% of those infected survive, and they are immune to the disease once it goes away.

Parasites (Indirectly Lethal)

While not technically a microbe, parasites are still a very serious disease. Parasites can produce offspring within the slime every day. If the host comes into contact with another slime for 3 seconds, one of the offspring will infect it. Parasites require food, and make a slimes appetite increase. The more parasites within a slime, the hungrier it gets. Without enough food slimes can starve, along with the parasites inside of them. An easy way to tell if a slime has parasites is to throw it into an incinerator, an easy test meant to be done on a single slime from an entire batch of suspected hosts. Parasite infected slimes will clump together, so the parasites can share stories from their lives.

Bouncy disease (Non-lethal)

The microbe lines the membrane of the slime, expanding when in contact with surfaces. This causes the natural slime inflammation immune response, which in turn causes bounciness. Slimes will often look like they are having the time of their life, this is due to their face muscles having the exact same inflammation reaction, all the time. Other slimes will intentionally bounce into them to try to catch the disease, only to have obstructed breathing, loss of vision, and a whole lot of tiredness. They might bounce right off into the slime sea, which can be a problem for ranchers.

Frost Disease (Lethal)

This disease can freeze slimes which aren't cold, and worse, can create Frostbites. Despite being cold-related, it is not caused by exposure to cold weather, and it does not matter how hot it is, a slime can still die from it -this disease is an instant death in a blizzard, where outside temperature factors are likely to speed up the freezing process, which would otherwise take roughly 3 and 1/2 days. Temperature decrease is not affected by being in a hole or sheltered place. The temperature value slowly goes down, and is not affected by any outside factors that would normally add warmth or delay/stop coldness. In addition, the slime slowly turns white, and later stages begin covering the slime with frost. Stage one, the slime is a little cold, for no apparent reason, as if the temperature outside was cold. When their body temperature reaches 96 degrees, they have not enough energy to do highly energetic actions -like fighting or bouncing high. At 94 degrees, the slime's extremities are entirely white, so is the surrounding area, and they can hardly move. At 93 degrees, frost forms on a slime's extremities, and existing frostbite happens 25% faster. At 92 degrees, the slime can't move, and frost forms on the slime's body. This is your last chance to cure them. At 91 degrees, the slime freezes solid, and it is too late to treat the slime, as they cannot be thawed and will either die of hypothermia or transform into a Frostbite after a day. This disease is cured by a green pill.

Slime Plague (VERY Lethal!)

This disease is formed when a group of microbes all settle on a single Rad Slime. The Radioactive Aura causes the microbes to become very unstable. Because of this, the microbes quickly expand and duplicate themselves without splitting apart, turning the aura a pulsating black-ish color. Any slimes (except certain Bosses) within this "Death Aura" immediately catch the Plague and get sick. The sick slimes also gain a "Death Aura," but it is invisible to the naked eye. This Death Aura rots food around it, but slimes don't take notice of the fact that what they are eating is rotten. Eventually, the sick slimes will spontaneously erupt into a shower of black goo. Any slimes that touch this "Death Goo" are immediately turned into a "Plague Tarr," lasting for more than a few days, and requiring immense amounts of water to eliminate. There is currently NO antidote for the Slime Plague.

Bite Disease (Lethal?)

This disease is formed when a Pink Slime(canon) or any Fanon Slime gets so hungry, they can even cannabalism! If they eat five other Slimes, it'll turn into a Puffball Slime! If it eats four more Slimes, it'll turn into a Goo Slime!!! If it eats ONE more Slime, it'll become a Goo Tarr and RACE AFTER YOU! But remember, other Tarr first, execpt for Gold Tarr!

Ink Virus (Indirectly Slightly Dangerous)

The Ink Virus is a moderately common disease, that makes slimes able to spit some sort of paint, and splash it on the ground by bouncing. The microbe harmlessly melts parts of the host slime that can regenerate quickly to eat, and the leftovers get turned into ink stuff. Rad Slime's splashes have a small radioactive aura, a Boom Slime's splash can explode like pop-rocks, but on a more harmful scale, and A Rock Slime's splashes has rocky spikes on it. Watch out for those. The Ink Virus spreads quite quickly, and can spread by slime spit/splash or touch, and is hilarious when paired up with the Bouncy disease. Can be cured with a Water Pill, and wears off in 5 in-game days.

Bewitched Disease (Unknown if lethal)

The Bewitched Disease is a rare type of 'disease' that happens when a slime eats a Fae Hen, a rare variation of Hen Hen. If you see one, vac as fast as possible to avoid having a slime eat it, BUT if a slime does eats one, it will only eat Fae Hens! Ranchers have been known to also act strange if they eat a Fae Hen. There is no known cure for the disease, but Tarrs and shimmer slimes seem immune.

Derpslimia (VERY Lethal)

Derpslimia is a rare disease that makes slimes dumb, and it is spread by eating chickens with Derpslimia. It does this because it affects the brain. Stage one, the slime is dormant, behavior is normal. After a day of being infected, the slime will fall comatose, yet it will look a bit entranced with a dizzy expression. After another day of this, if it hasn't been eaten, it's behavior depends on it's size. Small slimes will try to be eaten by a Tarr, while largos will intentionally eat a plort to be a tarr. Either way it's face looks derpy, hence the name. While it looks funny, it's not a good sign. The Tarr that results either way is infected. Infected Tarr take longer to die, the gunk they leave sticks around a bit longer, and they ignore chickens. Any chicken that touches it is infected. No chickens display any symptoms, and that's because the only reason the disease infects chickens is for reproduction. Purple pills are perfect for curing this disease. Despite being on the Microbes page, this is actually a microscopic parasite.

Cake Disease (Lethal)

The Cake Disease is a disease exclusive to honey slimes. If a slime is infected by those "Cake Microbes", their heads will ooze sweet syrup and some candles will appear in their heads. Their plorts will have candles too. This is dangerous because the slime will want to be eaten, and all the symptoms attract the attention of Tarr and carnivorous slimes. And if any slime eats an infected slime or plort, they are infected too. The ingredients for the cure pill are: Cuberry, Mint Mango and Pogo Fruit. Put the things in the pill machine and wait eight days. It will produce a rainbow pill, which looks like a cake.

Entranced (Neutral)


When any fruit eating slime like the Phosphor Slime eats a Hypnogranete, their eyes turn a distinctve purple and will move more slowly, and not accept any other foods.This effect is caused by a bacteria exclusive to the Hypnogranete's seed flesh known as Tracnoisificus. This bacteria moves up to the slime's gooey brain and infects it, turning the eyes the signature violet. Humans have eaten this fruit, and have known to either disseapear or smash any other food that is not a Hypnogranete on the ground. Their eyes turn purple, too! Eaters of the fruit also claim to find the Hypnogranete is incredibly, addictively tasty and move sluggishly.

So, moral of the day, DO NOT EAT A HYPNOGRANETE.

Leukotosis (Lethal if not cured within 6 days)

Leukotosis is a very rare disease, and in turn a very dangerous one. Leukotosis is caused by rampant Virosus cells, which are mutated flu cells. Puddle slimes are the only slimes immune to Leukotosis, instead living in harmony with the virosus cells.


Membrane damage

When a slime is infected, virosus cells tear up the slime membrane of the slime, making it very puddly and slushy. Puddle slimes are immune to the first symptom. This also causes the rad slime's aura to flicker at times.

Aura corrosion

The second symptom of Leukotosis is the slow fading of slimes with auras (like the rad slime). When the aura starts fading, it shows signs of scratches and cracks on it. Virosus cells are immune to the aura.

Rammer syndrome

When the Virosus cells breach the aura or membrane, they ride the blood stream to the slime's brain and hijack it. This forces the slime to hit the corral walls. The slime will be very slushy now, so it will splat against the wall. By now, pills will not work and the slime needs to continually eat to fight the infection.


Intense pain on the frontal lobe of a slime's brain causes it to try and consume other slimes. This makes the slime dangerous and able to transmit the disease to other slimes.


Hemato-disruption is caused when Virosus cells, ones that get stuck on the blood vessel wall, eat the walls of the arteries and disrupt the procedure that causes clotting. The now free-floating blood makes the slime turn red and loose energy fast.

Total circulatory system failure

After a day of Hemato-disruption, the slime will stop moving entirely. No oxygen is flowing to the organs, and after 8 minutes of failure, the slime will die. It is possible to save the slime from death.

The Virosus cells have committed suicide due to lack of nutrients, leaving the slime extremely tired. shown by a slow breathing, closed eye puddle.

The only way you can save the slime is by injecting pogofruit juice. The cells of the fruit act like blood cells and close off the wounds. The slime's immune system is fine with the juice, and the slime turns back to normal. After 7 days, the slime has fully recovered and is pumping regular blood through it's systems.

Common Cold (Sometimes-Lethal)

The common cold is a disease which can infect most slimes. It occurs more in winter, but can happen in other seasons too. Slimes are immune to this disease once they have survived it, they cannot get it twice. There are four stages of this illness. Water-based and aquatic slimes are immune to this disease. It is believed that the common cold originates from a strain of the common cold in humans, making it a zoonotic disease.

Stage one: There are no symptoms, the slime is not contagious. Lasts one day.

Stage two: The slime is still not contagious. It begins to behave sluggishly, moving at a slower pace and only leaving their slime hole to eat. Any behavioral quirks like rolling or exploding will not happen, and rad slimes will produce a weak aura. All slimes stop producing plorts. Slimes also get a fever and will start sweating and have visible blushing. This is far from lethal for most slimes, but some slimes can die from it: slimes with a high amount of body heat (like crystal slimes) get a fever that is MUCH worse. They begin frantically doing things like producing crystals and staying in the water if there is any, in an attempt to cool themselves down. These slimes must be cured in this stage or else they will combust into flames and die when they progress to the next stage. This stage lasts one day.

Stage three: Slimes are now contagious. The slime has now lost it's appetite, only eating it's favorite foods. The slime does not enter slime holes at all, as it has been banished by it's peers to avoid spreading the illness. This makes infected slimes vulnerable to predation. The slime just sleeps when not eating or fleeing a predator, and it periodically coughs up yellow mucus. The puddles only last a few seconds, but any slime that touches it or gets coughed on is infected, and any fruit that touches the mucus is rotten. Translucent slimes have a small core of yellow mucus visible. Other slimes will stay away from infected slimes, who will try to isolate themselves. This stage lasts three days, and there is a 50% chance that a slime will skip the next stage and survive.

Stage four: This is when it becomes lethal. Slimes are now coughing near-constantly, and cannot eat. They will have open mouths, as the mucus has surrounded their body cavity and so they cannot breathe through their body. You will need to monitor an infected slime constantly if you do not have the cure, as most slimes in this stage die if they are not cared for. Slimes die by suffocating on the mucus, they will be rapidly breathing and have a wide-open yellow mouth, and blue on the face, they will be coughing huge amounts of mucus in a desperate attempt to survive. You can save a suffocating slime by squirting them with water, and this will not even happen in the first place if they are in the water. The whole process of stage four will repeat until one day has passed.

Killing Disease (lethal if not cured within 10 days)

Parasites start a paradox of parasite diseases.

Stage One: The slime is unconsious. Parasites start eating the brain. There's a 25% chance of living after 1 day.

Stage Two: The slime is slowly getting eaten. There's a 75% chance of survival after 6 days.

Final Stage: The slime's organs are slowly rotting due to the bugs poop. Use the grass (plort?) to save the slime's life dies after 3 days.

Slimeisia (Non-Lethal)

Slimeisia is a common disease that only infects slimes. It is essentially the slime version of the common cold, but much less lethal.

Stage 1

The slime is perfectly healthy, however some slimes ignore it.

Stage 2

The slime is sluggish, jumps less, plays with slimes less often, and eats less.

Stage 3

Slimeisia is now contagious. Colder slimes have increased body heat, hotter slimes don't release as much heat, and the slime is much less willing to interact, the slime coughs and sneezes, and they'll carefully (to prevent contagiousness) slide down into their own slime hole to sleep the slimeisia away

Seronin (Non-Lethal)

Seronin occurs when too many microbes clump together in a Slime's body. This causes Slimes to become hyperactive and use up most of their energy in just one hour. Cure this with the Green Pill. It cannot be cured at Stage Four.

Stage One

Infected Slimes use more energy than usual, jumping on ranchers as soon as they come close.

Stage Two

Infected Slimes attempt to get out of Corrals, and are sad to not have much place to move around in.

Stage Three

Infected Slimes repeatedly produce Seronic Plorts, which are seemingly useless Plorts that sell for nothing.

Stage Four (Final Stage)

Infected Slimes cannot be cured anymore, will be able to break out of an Air-net instantly, and if the host is a Dog Slime, cannot be trained.

Disease made by Rare Tabby

Petrisist (Lethal)

Petrisist occurs when too many Seronin microbes gather in a Slime's body. The Slime becomes so hyperactive, they spend all of their energy jumping around and don't use any of it to think, causing them to forget who they are. They end up mutating into a P!nk Slime. Pink Slimes are immune to Petrisist.

Stage One

The Slime begins using all of it's energy for it's bounces. It can be cured, but only with a Seronic Plort that has been affected by a Slime Charm.

Stage Two

The Slimes forgets who it is. It begins to use some of it's energy to break out of Corrals by breaking the energy fields that make up the walls. It can be cured.

Stage Three

The Slime turns pink. It shows strange behaviour that rapidly changes. Now it doesn't know anything, so it won't eat, won't run from Tarrs, and won't eat Plorts. All it does is jump around at extreme speeds. It can be cured.

Stage Four (Final Stage)

It loses all of it's features before, and slowly turns into a P!nk Slime. It can be cured, however, and now spends every single bit of energy moving. It has become blind, and it has become deaf. If cured as a P!nk Slime, it becomes a normal P!nk Slime. Then, it remembers it's past life, and becomes extremely upset.

Disease made by Rare Tabby

Luck disease(For the infected)

This is a rare disease that makes the affected slime a lucky slime but when you feed it, it explodes and bad events happen like there being a chance a drought occurs or another disease, and worse of all, when the slime explodes, it spreads and transmits the disease to other slime. Even the lucky slime can be affected. Some report weird events like firestorms on their ranch.

Big Slime Disease (Non-Lethal)

This disease doesn't really do anything, except for the fact it makes normal slimes as big as Gordos! Largos aren't affected. The big slimes required 5x the food to be satisfied.

Algae Bleach(lethal if not treated)

This disease affects reef and coral slimes, slowing them down, turning them white and eventually causing them to pass on

Vectors(things that can transmit it)

Flish, Barcs(fiish and barcs have red algae covering them), Octo Slimes(when infected, have a permanent black line, can be cured by a newt plort, non lethal to them), reef and coral slimes

Stage 1(oozing)

The Slime's coral begins to turn lighter and the skin(slimy part) becomes slightly more liquid(leaves splats when bouncing at all), if detected, the parasitic algae can be cured by a newt plort,this stage lasts for 5 days

Stage 2(weakening)

The Slime then begins to slow down, with the coral eventually turning white, slowly over the course of 5 days it then looks hungry all the time, very sadly shambling along, rarely bouncing, this stage lasts for 2 days, can be cured by a newt plort

Stage 3(Lethal stage)

The Slime then loses mobility, panics ferociously, rapidly change facial expressions once every 00:10 minutes and the algae begins to grow on its coral, it begins to leak water, this stage can be cured by 3 newt plorts and leaving the slime to dry for 10 ingame minutes near heat(sunlight, incinerator, etc.), otherwise it dies

Slime fungus(very lethal, works quickly)

This fungus is a highly lethal disease that infects amphibious slimes and ones that breathe through their skin like newt slimes, it is spread via water

Stage 1(rash)

The Slime first develops a few small dark patches on its skin, then it becomes slimier, leaving splats when bouncing, similar to algae bleach, this stage lasts for one day, can be cured by using SS light or pills

Stage 2(terrifying weakness)

The Slime then becomes weak and dark, and dies the next day, can still be cured by SS light and pills

Hypno Fungus (lethal over the course of time)

This fungus is a serious disease that infects slimes, mainly insectoid slimes and turns them into mindless zombies that seek out high places near food sources like veggie fields or fruit trees also fungal slimes are immune

Stage 1("Pixie" dust)

The slime begins to shower "dust" as it hops along, it appears a glowing blue when hit by a pulse wave and the slime may have small "holes" in it's wings/exoskeleton, can occur in other slimes, can be cured by SS light and a grass plort

Stage 2(Mild hypnosis)

The "holes" and pixie dust disappear the next day, but the slime will begin to eat less and become hungry, still the same cure as before, also if you leave and quickly come back, you may see the slime having swirly eyes,most slimes stop at this stage and recover, but insectoid slimes progress to stage 3, similar cure

Stage 3(Full control, highly infectious and lethal)

The slime will now flash between swirly eyes and normal, now completely refuse food and begin randomly flapping its wings faster than normal, but not flying(if it has them), at about 17:30 at night, they will fly or go to a high and shady place and cling on, dying in the process upon clinging or if one is not found, dies at 20:00 , several thin mushroom stalks then sprout from the dead slimes back and head and release glowing blue spores, which can infect other slimes, this stage still has a similar cure, and the body can be removed by first blasting it with a trickster plort off the surface(trickster slimes will also blast them off and throw them away), then vaccing and throwing the body into the slime sea/incinerator

SPECIAL: If 50 stage 3 infected slimes(anywhere on the ranch) are infected at once, they release all the fungus in them and it travels to the pink gordo island and... (link to a page)

Feline Disease (Rarely Lethal)

This illness slowly turns the slime into a feline. Less common in Dog Slimes. Feline slimes can get this.

Stage One: Just Fine

In this state the victim  acts completely fine, just a little more cat like. Can be cured 

Stage Two: Behavior

The slime will start to act like the feline slime it's turning into. If turning into tabby, will start booping. If lucky, it won't despawn get but will eat chickens and send off newbucks. If Hunter will be able to turn invisible. If sabre will do PARKOUR and  so on.

Stage Three: Ears and Tail 

The victim will start to gro a the features of  the feline they're turning into. Dog slime s in this stage will experience pain and could die. A day later if will be a full cat. Dog slime s will die at 6:00 AM on a RANDOM day.


Melting Oil Syndrome (Sometimes lethal)

This is a variant of the Tarr Disease that acts in a completely different way. Instead of transforming the victim into a raving monster like a zombie virus of sorts, this disease does something else entirely. It slowly turns the victim into a mutilated lump of ooze, and it looks like oil, hence the name "melting oil syndrome".

Stage One: Infection

This disease can be rarely transmitted by contact with Tarr or it's ooze puddles. It is also transmitted by slimes infected with the disease and the trails of goo they leave behind. This stage is asymptomatic, and it's not contagious. Lasts for three days.

Stage Two: Dissolving

The victim then begins to dissolve. It displays blatant discoloration of gray and rainbow blotches (that kind of rainbow), and it starts dripping infectious liquid. It also displays strange behavior, it eats constantly yet it doesn't produce plorts, eating causes it to produce a burst of contagious gray-black sludge from it's body. The infected slime is banished from slime holes and other slimes will avoid it. Contact with the slime or it's liquid is contagious. From this point on, the disease is quite fast acting, lasting only a day. It can be cured with a chloro pill.

Stage Three: Monster

The victim has now transformed into a different creature. It is a heavily discolored, slightly deformed slime, and it's face resembles a tarr, with a scary mouth and blank eyes. External body parts like ears, tails, wings, flowers, etc will start melting off, and rocks and crystals will almost completely sink and meld into the goo, stabbing the poor slime with it's own rocks, which hurts like hell. The poor slime acts sluggish during the day, continuing to try eating and failing to satisfy it's hunger, while wearing a confused poker face. It can still be cured with three chloro pills in this stage...

Stage Four: Sundowning

By nightfall, though, it acts like a tarr. It's face is that of a tarr, albeit a disfigured gray puddle of one. It's so disfigured that any attempts to put it in the vacpack or hold it on the nozzle of the vacpack will fail because it slips right out. If the slime had any limbs like tails, ears, wings, etc, those will fall off over the course of the night. It cannot even function as a tarr, just sliding along the ground and hopping at slimes, maybe eating a chicken or two and still being miserable. It leaves a trail of contagious sludge everywhere. It can only be cured with five Chloro Pills.

Stage Five: Death

By the next morning, this slime is dazed out of it's mind, not in the presence of body to act on it's hunger anymore. It can barely move, it's in too much pain to do so. It can't even muster up a scary tarr face, it just looks completely miserable, with a pitiful expression in it's melding-shut mouth and blank eyes. It doesn't even look like a puddle slime, just a lump of goo with a face. This slime sputters tar-like ooze at random from any part of it's deformed body, and it's so thick it lasts on the ground for an hour after the slime dies, unless you repeatedly splash water on it. This outburst of goo is even worse if the slime ate a chicken as a species or largo that doesn't eat meat. It can't be cured either, leaving it to die in pain as it's body melts into ooze. Can you imagine the pain that this slime is in? It takes twelve hours for this pitiful thing to die of organ failure, leaving a lump of contagious goo that lasts for six hours after the slime dies, unless you splash ten bits of water on it. Poor guy...

Lycantropy (Non-Lethal)

This rare illness is essentially a reverse Feline Disease, as it turns the carrier into a canine slime. There does exist a cure, however this cure is very expensive. The disease is carried by tarr and canine slimes.

Stage One: New Moon

The slime acts fine, but is very wobbly and is hungry a lot more. Smile is wider then normal.

Stage Two: Waxing Crescent

The slime gets hungry very quickly. Fruit and veggie eating slimes begin eating everything. The slime will appear as if it has grown fangs.

Stage Three: Waxing Gibbous

The slime begins acting like a pink slime, and begins only accepting meat. The slime will grow a tail, ears, and ruff.

Stage Four: Full Moon

The slime will turn black, brown, or white, and it's eyes will turn red. It will begin turning feral if not well-fed, and at this point the infection cannot be cured.

Fun Size (Non-Lethal)

This illness is rare in most slimes, but very common in candy-based siimes. There doesn't exist a cure. It's caught if a slime eats an item which is carrying the illness. Items carrying this illness can be told from normal items since if thrown at the floor, it'll explode into melted chocolate.

Stage One: Suddenly Sickness

The slime shrinks in size highly, and begins preferring sweeter foods. A small drip of chocolate will start falling out of it's mouth.

Stage Two: Contagious Chaos

The slime begins sneezing out drops of chocolate, infecting other slimes in it's corral with the illness, and causing fruits and chickens to begin carrying the disease.

Stage Three: Calm After the Storm

The slime acts normal again, but it's size remains the same. If it's a puddle slime, it'll turn into melted chocolate and stop being shy, and pink slimes will gain a jello-like appearance.

Tri-sease (Non-Lethal)

This Disease Was First Known When A Curious Rancher Inserted A Triangle Slime's DNA Onto A Pink Slime,The Disease Soon Spreaded Around The Entire Ranch,Tri-sease Is Carried By Triangle Slimes, So Vaccinate Your Triangle Slimes Before Ranching Them, They Have Five Stages.

Stage One:Objects On Heads

This Stage Soon Starts The Tri-sease,The Slime Uses Objects As A Hat, And If You Try To Get It Off, They Will Be Agitated,They Also Get A Goldeny Yellow Outline To Spot Them, So If An Harmful Slime Has This Disease, Be Ready For A LOT of pain.

Stage Two:A Triangular Shape

The Infected Slime Soon Starts Having A Triangle-Shaped Body, Slimes With An Aura,For Example:A Rad Slime, Will Have The Aura Also Triangular,Slimes With Spikes On It Will Have The Spikes A Bit Plump,And Slimes With Ears Will Have Two Triangles Floating At The Top Of Their Ears.

Stage Three:Oh God It's Glowing

A Brick Wall Like texture Will Appear On Their Skin, But Their Smooth Appearance Will Still Stay,Their Outloine Gtes Even More Goldeny, Almost Fully Golden.

Stage Four:Eye On Mouth

The Infected Slime Will Have An Eye On It's Core, Visible When The Slime Has It's Mouth Open, They Also Get A Telekinetic Power.

Stage Five:Fully Bill Cipher (XD)

The Infected Slime Has Become A Triangular Yellow Slime (AKA An Triangle Slime), Enjoy Your Newly Made Triangle Slime,Also, If It Was A Slime With Any Features, It Will Still Have It's Features (like its ears, or aura, or its spikes).

Scare Disease (Very Lethal)


This disease comes from Jumpscare bacteria. Stronger Slimes can last longer than weak slimes. Bosses and fear related slimes are immune. The first time a slime catches it the game will show how to cure it's stages in a star mail from Viktor. Slimes that also had Anti-Mircobotics are immune too!

Stage one: Turning Gray

At this stage it can be cured by transferring slime essence into it's system thus over running the Jumpscare Bacteria.

Stage two: Red Eyes

2 Days after stage one it's eyes turn blood red because the Jumpscare bacteria had gotten to it's head. It can be cured in the same way.

Stage three: Sudden Crash

The Slime stops moving completely because the bacteria has overtook it's muscles. Can only be cured with Golden Essence (from a Gilded Ginger).

Stage four (final): Heart Failure

The slime collapses into a flat puddle like form, it can only be cured by transferring slimenelles into it's body. If not treated in 3 hours the slime will die.

Rockback (Lethal to ranchers and slimes if not cured)

This disease is rarely transmitted through slimes eating an un-fertilized food except for mint mangos. This disease is extremely contagious and spreads whenever the host eats a food item. The only known cures for the disease are rad pills, being under the aura of a rad slime for 12-24 hours, or consuming a rad plort. The disease can be given to any slime besides rad slimes (unless pricked by a slime at stage 5)

The disease can be transmitted to ranchers when pricked by a stage 5 infected. The infected rancher will move more sluggishly, heal slower, are unable to sleep. The only known cure for ranchers are plenty of mint mangos, as rad pills can kill. The rancher eventually dies in 5-8 days if not cured.

Stage 1 (lasts 1-2 days):

The slime shows no signs of infection, besides slower movement and eating problems. Ranchers can only tell if a slime is infected if they search hard. They eat much more slowly, and only give out plorts 50% of the time. They also only have a 50% chance of giving out two plorts when fed their favorite food ontop of that, making it a 25% chance of giving out two plorts. This is a common strategy used to see if a slime is infected.

The slime can not infect yet. Curable.

Stage 2 (lasts 1-2 days):

The slime gets very minor spikes to appear on their back. A lazy rancher can easily not notice, but a careful eyed rancher will notice. It would be best to throw out that slime and search for signs of infections on other slimes. The slime has the same effects as they would on stage 1.

The slime can begin infecting others. Curable

Stage 3: (lasts 2-4 days):

The slime will progressively increase the size of the spikes on their back. They will always be aggravated. Near the end of their stage, they can be quite obviously infected. They will eat even less, and only have a 25% chance of giving out a plort. They will be inable to give out 2 plorts, effectively making favorite foods useless.

The slime will infect twice as much with favorite foods. Curable, but requires 2 rad pills.

Stage 4: (lasts approx. 15 hours):

The spikes will be fully grown at this point. The spikes will deal 25 damage to the rancher and aggravate any slimes that get pierced by them. The slime will now go on an eating crave, eating anything they can before as a last resort of infection until stage 5. The slimes will be inable to give out any plorts at this stage.

Infected start at stage 3. The slime infects twice as much with normal foods, and thrice as much with favorites. Curable. Rad plorts won't cure, but the auras and 3 pills still can. Ranchers should start the quarantine at this stage.

Stage 5: (lasts until death)

The slime will cease any form of consumption, even if turned into a tarr. They will eventaully die in 1-48 hours due to malnutrition. Slimes that die will drop a few globs of slime residue, which have a 90% of infecting slimes who consume it, and explode in one hour, dealing 35 damage to the rancher. The spikes will now deal 50 damage, will infect slimes, and have a 35% chance of infecting ranchers.

Incurable. Infected slimes start at stage 4. Brave ranchers will begin to throw out all of the infected if there are any uninfected left, and should focus on getting a cure.

One Eat (Non-Lethal)

The One Eat disease is an uncommon disease. The slime affected by it will look hungry. The first food the Rancher feeds the slime, it will become addicted to that food, and will not accept any other food. (Example: A slime gets infected, then the rancher feeds it an carrot, then it will only eat carrots and nothing else until cured.) The recipe for it's pills is: 1 Boom Plort, and 2 Carrots. The Pill colors are white on one half and orange on the other.

Meme disease (Non-Lethal)

Cause: Looking at a screen for too long. Things that can be infected: All slimes except the Glitch slime. Contagious: Yes. Cure: eat 1 Glitch Slime plort. Stages: Stage 1: Everything about the slime will be normal except every time they plort they will make an MLG plort. Stage 2: A fidget spinner will be on the infected slimes head and the slime will now be dabbing. Stage 3: The fidget spinner is now spinning fast enough to harm the player doing the same damage as a rock slime on contact. the slime is now dabbing side-to-side, also contributing to the damage. the slimy limbs formed by the disease are now making the perfect hand symbol. (read comments for continuation) NOTE: SLIMES WITH THIS DISEASE CANNOT BECOME LARGOS

Plort Split Disease (Lethal)

This disease is caught rarely when a slime consumes a Hen Hen, Roostro, Pogofruit or Carrot that was not grown/raised on The Ranch. It can be cured by feeding the infected a Green Pill, or in later stages multiple green pills.

Stage 1 (Lasts 16 Hours - 1 Day):

The disease is hard to detect in this stage. The only symptoms are that slimes will be less likely to play with Slime Toys and will be slightly slower.

It is not contagious unless another slime consumes this slimes plorts. It is curable with one Green Pill.

Stage 2 (Lasts 1 - 2 Days):

Slimes will randomly get a random new favourite food and their normal favourite food will no longer give double plorts. When hungry largos who are infected will become feral like Hunter Slimes do. A good test to see if your slimes are infected is to feed your slimes their favourite foods, and see if they only give normal plorts.

The disease is contagious through plorts, or through touch if the slime is currwntly feral. The disease is curable with two Green Pills, or the slimes 'new' favourite food and one green pill. Experiment with different foods to find their new favourtite, and remember the food will be of their normal diet, so for pink slimes and pink largos it could be any food in the game!

Stage 3 (Lasts 5 - 12 Hours):

Slimes will behave erratically and burn off excess energy. They will move and 3x normal speed, jump MUCH higher and refuse to eat. If the slime is harmful it does an extra 20 damage.

The disease is contagious through touch. Slimes can be cured with two Green Pills and one Rad Pill. Slimes should be quarantined if they were not before.

Stage 4 (Lasts 3 Hours):

Slimes will become so slow they are almost not moving. They will not eat, attack the rancher, or do anything except slowly move around. They seem to swell up and get bigger in this stage.

The disease is still contagious through touch. Can only be cured with a Rainbow Pill.

Stage 5 (Lasts 1 Hour):

The slime will stop moving. It will swell even larger. After an hour in this stage, it explodes and splits into 5 plorts of its kind, or 10 plorts if it is a largo. The explosion does 50 damage and causes any other slimes who are in the area to instantly progress to stage 5, even if they are already infected.The plorts should be disposed of since they can still spread the disease.

Cannot be Cured. In total the Plort Split Disease takes 3 days and 16 hours at its maximum to kill a slime, and 1 day and 25 hours to kill at a minimum.

Feral Headache

It functions similarly to rabies. It causes a really bad headache and fever that makes the slime delirious and eventually causes aggression. It is transmitted by biting.

Stage One: Carrier

Slimes in this stage are asymptomatic. While they are contagious in this stage, affected slimes are not likely to transmit the disease unless they are aggressive to other slimes for whatever reason. If they are aggressive to other slimes, and they attack by biting, then they will transmit the disease to their opponent through their bite. This stage lasts for a week, and this is the only stage where slimes can be cured with a rainbow pill.

Stage Two: Headache

Slimes in this stage experience a mild headache. It's annoying, but it can't be much, right? From the rancher's perspective, sick slimes are visibly uncomfortable. They will get grumpy twice as fast, and not because they're hungry. This stage lasts two days.

Stage Three: Confusion

The headache is strong enough that the slime is in visible pain, and they are blushing from fever. They are in a state of delirium, doing things such as eating food they can't digest because they can't tell it apart, or not recognizing that there is a tarr nearby. Aggressive slimes mistake other slimes for the slime that they naturally attack, and might attack them. Phosphor slimes do not register that they cannot go in the sunlight. This stage lasts for three to five days.

Stage Four: Aggression

The slime is now aggressive. It will attack any living thing it sees, including the rancher. It could even kill the victim of the mauling if they can't escape, and if the victim does escape, they are now infected too. Visually, aggressive slimes look feral, but they are also foaming at the mouth. This stage lasts anywhere from two to five days, with a 100% death rate.

ExTremia (Extremely Lethal)

Stage One : Plortonokia

Slime Stops Produce Plorts. Also Sometimes It Will Shake And Become Red. After This It Will Become Feral For 10 Seconds. Also Slime Stops Eat These Food If Can To Eat Before : Pogofruit,Carrot,Cubberry,Mint Mango,Rocky Chicken,Chicken.

Stage Two : Photosensitive Epilepsy

Slime Starts Scare Light. Now It Wont Have Favorite Food And Toy.When On Light,Starts Disappear. If You Put It Back In Dark,It Will Become Normal. Also Now Slime At Size Of Largo.Also Its Hunger Multipled By x3. Now,It Can Become Tired,Makes It Move Very Slow. Now,Its Not Eat Half Food Of Meat,Veggies,Fruits.

Stage Three : Feralness Income.

Now Slime Will Get Feral After Every 60 Seconds For 10 Seconds. Now,It Dont Feel Any Danger. It Stops Jump And Almost Not Walk. Slime Hunger Is Multipled By x10,So You Need Many Food. Now It Can Magnet Any Item To Myself. It Rarely Becoming Yellow,That Means Slime Is Confused And Will Do Nothing For 35 Seconds.

Stage Four : Deep Depression

Causes Slime Eat Only One Random Food At : Veggies,Meat,And Fruit. Now Its Wont Like Toys. Now Its Color Is : Black,White,Pink,Blue,Purple. Its Hunger Multipled By x40. Also Now Its Energy Is So Small Count,So It Moves At Turtle Speed.

Stage Five : Nightmare Middle

Now,Slime Stop Eat Anything. Expect Carrot. And Its Color Is Black. After 10 In-Game Days It Spreads ExTremia To Everyone That Close. After 1 Game Day Becomes Really Agressive For Next 5 Game Days. After That Becomes Tarr.After 10 Game Days It Dies.

Made By : FEODORKA213.

Can Be Healed By : Giving Slime 10 Pills At 1-3 Stage. After,Cannot Be Healed.

Feralvirus [Can be Lethal]

Feralvirus is a lethal disease that comes from a meat item that is infected. Infected meat is tinted green. The disease spreads quickly between slimes. The disease is incurable and slimes with the disease will either have it leave them naturally or die from it.

Stage 1

In stage 1, which lasts a day, the slime infected has minor symptoms. They will sometimes cough, which can infect other slimes. This stage is not lethal.

Stage 2

In stage 2, which lasts two days, the slime coughs more, and it is guaranteed to infect other slimes. Slimes will start distancing themselves, and the slime will try to self-quarantine.

Stage 3

In this stage, which lasts four days, the slime coughs a bit less, but has gone feral and will attack any creature that gets near it. Slimes will run from the infected, and getting attacked transmits the virus. Most of the time, the slime will get cured after this stage is done.

Stage 4

This stage, which lasts two days, only affects 10% of most slimes, however if the slime has any medical problems, it has a higher chance of happening. The slime will attack walls, plants, chickens, slimes, ranchers, and even Tarr, although they'd probably get eaten. After this stage, they will die.

Betty virus (Very lethal)

The betty virus is a contagious virus that is occured when a pink slime is getting abused by the rancher. The slime will die from this virus if not feed a cure pill. the betty slime is immune to this virus.

Stage 1

This stage isnt very bad, the slime will only play the theme of betty. the slime will also become mad and try and escape the ranch.

Stage 2

The slime's music will become louder and the slime's eyes will be pink instead of black. The slime is also able to destroy silos and incinerators.

Stage 3

The slime's music will come to a halt but the slime will become more agressive and attack the rancher and slimes constently. The slime will also be able to destroy ponds, the plort market, and also able to destroy a little bit of the enviroment.

Stage 4

The slime will be able to summon the betty blasters, able to destroy stuff from far away. The slime is also able to destroy the coral and destroy tarrs.

Stage 5

The slime is now able to destry anything in it's way. that includes plort markets, vac pack upgrades, range exchanges, ponds, islands, incinerators, silos, corals, environment, and some of the upgrades for your outerior ranch awarded by the 7zee corperation. The slime can also destroy very dangerous slimes, like tarrs, Killer Slimes, Golden tarrs, and much more

Slimid-19 (Can be fatal)

Slimes will cough speding the disease they will also be vulnerable to other diseases.

they will look very sad and depressed and may comit suicide.

the 3 ways to cure are puting all infected slimes in qurantine(40% Death), 50 tangle plorts(best 15%death) , or nothing it might pass (worst 70% death).

Slimey Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Slime SARS)(Lethal)

It is a very weird disease(but very common), and it is caused by a Tarr Slime eating a Valentine Slime(The Tarr despawns the valentine slime gets S.SARS), it causes the below:

Stage 1: Incubation period

hThe incubation period is 14-21 in-game days, and the slime wouldn't show any symptoms in this period, so STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS FRIKIN THING!!!!!!

Stage 2 : Symptom period

The symptom period is the worst. The slime will have a fever of 44.78 degrees and even fire slimes will get burned by the fever slimes, and they would get slimemonia, leukslimia, and other diseases like Covid Slime Teen.

Stage 3 : Madness period

The Slimes get mad. They just hop around everywhere, but this is good, because they can now eat Tarr Slimes. But there is worst to come. If the rancher touches one of the slimes that are in this Stage, the rancher will get infected by the S.SARS, which will change immediately into the Rancherous acute respiratory syndrome(RARS) and the rancher will insta-knock out if bitten by a tarr or feral slime. That is, the rancher won't get insta-knocked out if hurt by buttstomps and other harmful slimes' attacks(rock roll, boom explosion, etc.).

Stage 4 : Death.

Depression(Fatal and sad)

This happens when a slime is not cared for.

Stage 1

Slime moves slower and eats less.

Stage 2

Slime does not go near any other slimes.

Stage 3

Slime barely moves or does anything.

Stage 4 A

Slime talks to other slimes and becomes happy.

Stage 4 B

Commits suicide.

Annoyus (Non-Lethal, but annoying)

Anooyus is caused when a Dog Slime eats a Slimey Solution.

When being in a biome with slimes infected by Annoyus, the Dance Of Dog plays instead of the regular theme.

Stage 1 : LoL!

Slimes hop around aimlessly. Content, Hungry and Agitated slimes will still have their face, though they just hop aimlessly.

Stage 2(Final) : Annoying Doge

Infected Dog Slimes and Doge Slimes will have their eyes always closed. This lasts for 2 to 8 in-game hours and then is auto-cured.

Dance Of Dog

Dance Of Dog

Accidental Heading Disease

The accidental heading disease is when

you accidentally put a heading in the wrong place on a page, then you get digtal eye strain and are at risk of losing your vision from franticly putting headings on pages. You can also get it from seeing an accidental heading.

Stage one

The slime is editing some )FREE EDIT) pages on their favorite fan wiki, and they accidentally put a heading or two they don't know how to get rid of on one of their pages. They have a 80% chance to progress in Accidental Heading Disease.

Lasts one day. Cured with a rainbow pill.

Stage two

The slime appears a little tired, putting accidental headings on 1/10 edits they do on the wiki. Some pages they are editing aren't free edit! (but look like they should be lol) :O

lasts 2 dAys. Still cured with a rainbow pill.

Stage three

The slime appears a lot more tired, accidental headings are on 1/5 edits they do on the wiki, they are basicly systematically vandalizing the wiki with edits of just headings in the wrong places on pages

lasts 12 hours cured with a rainbow pill and a green pill

stage four

the slime is dangerously tired, making accidental headings on all edits and editing franticly. it keeps trying to fix mistakes and just keeps making it worse.

lasts untill death of exaustion (10 days) or cured with a rainbow pill and a green pill

The Slika Virus (Sometimes Lethal)

Slika is a virus which drastically increases the chances of any newborn slimes that are created with it to show some sort of congenital defect. Although Slika on it's own doesn't do much, when it is given to a newly created slime (or when a Slime that has it becomes a Largo, or hell, even a Tarr!), it more often then not causes them to come out extremely wrong, and Slimes with Slika often have much shorter lifespans, or at least, drastically reduced quality of their lives, as a result. It currently has no cure, so Slimes that have it should generally be quarantined off from the rest of them, so that it doesn't spread to the rest of the group.

A few notable examples of defects that Slika can cause are:

Viscosity Deficiency Disorder (VDD)

-Even more melty and deformed bodies, causing slimes that have it to be unable to keep themselves together at all.

Slimequin Itchyosis

-Thick, crusty plates of hardened slime appear on the slime's skin, and visibly appear cracked, with slime oozing out of them. This puts slimes that have it in a lot of pain, and also can cause them to get infections MUCH more easily.

Slima Biffida

-Slimes have a medium to large sac full of slime that is attached to their bodies, that is covered in a translucent film. And, if it is popped, or broken, can cause slimes to LITERALLY BURST OPEN, and die. or, if they survive, have much less mobility than before, and/or severe mental deficiency for the rest of their lives.

Goo Palate

-Causes the Slime's mouth to much more drippy and goopy, making it much harder for them to eat and communicate with other slimes. In severe cases, it renders them unable to eat AT ALL, which eventually causes them to go feral, and/or starve to death.


-Weird, hard, bumps of slime form on the slime that's effected's body. They start off relatively small, yet eventually grow so big, that it renders the slime unable to move due to how heavy they are. And, if they get internal, or cover the slime's eyes, renders them unable to eat / see, respectively.

Note: WIP, remember to add more of these soon. -Spook.

Tornapart Disease (Extremely, Extremely Lethal!!!)

Once your slime gets Tornapart, it's too late.

Torn Apart by Tornapart

1-5 weeks after a slime catches the Tornapart virus, they are torn apart.

Like this:

Tornapart Disease










The Evolution Virus (Indirectly Lethal) By SuperSphinx

This is a very special disease. It has no effects on the slime on it's own. It's actual effect is making other diseases worse or progress faster. For example stage 1 of Feralvirus has a 100% chance of transmitting the disease through coughs. Another example is that Plort Split Disease will definitely kill in 2 days and 1 hour. This disease is spread through Quantum Slimes, Tangle Slimes, Farming Slimes, Magic Slimes and Rad Slimes (the carrier slimes). The carrier slimes are immune to Evolution Virus. A special case of Evolution Virus is with Evolution Slimes. With Evolution Slimes this disease causes the slime to have a hacking cough, extreme appetite, extreme dehydration, and yellow, green, red and teal spots. Evolution Slimes die in 3 days. This disease can spread with other diseases and also through contact with an infected slime or coughs. Can be cured with a special pill made of 1 of each of the carrier plorts, a Water Pill, a Hunter Plort and 3 Mint Mangoes or a Medium Medpack. The ONLY WAY to tell if your slime has the Evolution Virus is that they will get a teal, yellow, red or green spot on their forehead.

Example infection:

Evolution Virus

Coronavirus (99.9% Lethal)

This is a disease inspired by this year's corona virus. It makes slimes sneeze (Like Tangle Slime), And makes them cough, if they touch these sneeze and/or cough, it spreads, when all slimes in a corral are infected, slowly slowly, they begin to fade, to stop this, you need to sacrifice your vacpack, similarly to the Cyan Slime which bites your vacpack and lose an slot, when you lose an slot, your slot will show on the slime's mouth, and then he will angrily eat it, if you are not having items in any slot, it will attack you, and will not cure, to cure it without damaging your vacpack's slots, you need to beat the game, then have 5 Puddle Plorts, and have 10 quantum plorts, and 5 gold plorts (get glided ginger :3 it will help), then if you get these, use all of these on the Baking Set and boom it is a white vaccine, this vaccine is special enough to smack almost any microbes away. If your slime dies within 3 days, it will show an grave of where the microbe started, when it died, and when touched in contact, spreads the corona virus, if you touch the cough/sneeze/grave, your player dies and instead sleep for 30 days, which might lead to your slimes dying if you don't have a drone's assistance to feed them vaccines and food :3 enjoy curing this virus for early game people.

Pink Corruption (R E E E E E E lethal)

The Pink corruption is a non-existence disease, except when you are in a boss fight in the Just Slimes And Beats world. Or an level, if you get hit by the pink corruption (the pink attacks, note it only works on levels, if you walk over red things when finishing a level or boss, nothing will happen)there is a 15% chance it infects, if you have a cyan slime on your hand, you will have an 1% chance as you are forced to be connected with the tree of life, since you showed your power towards the hero. It first infects you, then any slimes you now vac up are too infected, this infection on you (the rancher, for the slimes, you need an cyan slime on your hand, since using tree of life, shoots laser.) wears off in the next 24 hours (1 day), there will be no signs of you being infected, then when you shoot them on the ranch, the game begins where your slime's infection stage starts, when infected, slowly, slowly, the slime will slowly turn to an random boss listed here, there will be a simple graph shown below... When it reaches it's final phase, using its attacks, it hijacks from the corral if corralled, if not, will use it's attacks to spread the virus, when it spots the ranch, before going to it, it calls Blixer (using their star behind them) and then teleports, then he comes back with 50 clones and invades the ranch. Although, if you have a Cyan Slime on your hands. He will use the tree of life, and shoot a laser and alas become disinfected regardless of it's phase, if you don't, say goodbye to your ranch, you are now forced to make a new world, and delete the previous one, as one rancher without an ranch can't progress.

This virus is the reason why the portal shows a warning sign :3

and yeah.

Gallery (Non-Lethal)

Gallery is a kinda rare disease, that makes pages show series of pictures on their bottom.
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