"Monkey see, monkey do. Or in this case slime."
Mock Slimes are a species of slime not found anywhere yet and does not favour any food at this time.

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The Mock Slime eats any food item, but they tend to eat more than a regular slime.



Slimepedia Entry

Mock Slimes are often thought to be Tarr when seen, but thankfully these slimes are only pretenders. Their act seems to work quite well, scaring other slimes away from food sources and frightening ranchers. When approached, they attempt to chase away intruders. Strangely, they have been known to trick the Tarr into thinking they are Tarr too, making this adaption very effective.

Rancher Risks

Mock slimes have been known to create panic when they surprise ranchers, but are actually quite docile. Unfortunately, they have the appetite of a Tarr, and have been known to ravage coops and gardens, even ignoring scareslimes, making it essential to keep them in their corrals.


Mock Slime plorts are used in objects made to keep slimes away from areas, as well as a non-fading iridescent dye.


Mock Slimes are a marbled rainbow colour with swirls of a darker, muddled colour, similar to a Tarr's coloration, and their plorts are completely dark with rainbow swirls. When made into a largo, they keep the dark swirls.


  • Mock slimes will bounce at and 'nip' the player and other slimes, but this does no damage.
    • It is recommended not to combine it with damaging slimes for this reason, as it will start causing damage.
  • A Mock Slime plort is used in making the Tablet, suggesting the plorts may have uses not mentioned in the Slimepedia.
  • Other slimes and Tarr behave as if Mock Slimes are Tarr, making it difficult to keep these and slimes that attack Tarr in the same area.
    • Mock slimes will still pretend to attack the slimes that fight Tarr, resulting in loss to slimes like Hero Slimes.
    • Combining a Mock Slime with a Hero Slime, while resulting in a dangerous slime, will also result in a Tarr-proof largo that can fight Tarr.
  • When one appears in the wild, a more cheery remix of the Tarr theme plays. This does not happen on the ranch or with a companion Mock Slime.
  • Mock slimes may rarely have golden swirls instead of dull ones, it is treated as a Gold Tarr by other slimes.
    • Mock slimes may rarely have red instead of rainbow and be treated as a Killer Slime, but this will not count as a Bird Slime's favourite food.