"This slime is.... everything!"
The Mystery Slime can be found anywhere. Its diet consists of everything and it doesn't have a favourite.

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Mystery Slimes are confusing to even the most experienced ranchers. Found very rarely anywhere, much like the Gold Slime, and can appear from crates, these slimes plorts are all entirely different in their traits, and can therefore be worth from 1 to 200 newbucks. Along with this, their behaviour changes every day, they can go from docile and huggable to aggressive, trying to bite your face of at any moment.

Rancher Risks

Due to the varying range of behaviour, ranchers who aren't cautious could easily run screaming from the corral covered in slime bites. Their plorts cannot be eaten by other slimes, and they have no interest in other plorts,  so unwanted tarr and killer slimes aren't a problem.


The varied genetics of the plorts mean they can be refined onto varying materials, some forming into diamond like substances, and others can only be likened to wood scraps. 


The Mystery Slime's dark purple hue and rainbow like mouth often leads to ranchers distinguishing them as tar, but their lack of eyes and small size can prevent this mistake. In place of eyes, it has a white question mark symbol.


  • Using a plort collector is a good idea, due to the unpredictable nature of the slimes.


  • The likeness to the tar is enough to fool other slimes, causing them to scatter when around them.
  • It is unknown is the Mystery Slime is able to see, due to its lack of eyes. Despite this, it seems to have an acute sense about where the Rancher is at all times.
  • Along with the elusive Gold Slime, these slimes are often worshipped, small shrines being found in houses on earth, dedicated to the rare alien creatures.