"The one that rose from the ashes, rather than the sea."
The Phoenix Slime can be found rarely when a Bird Slime is thrown in a incinerator,  or anything else fire based. Its diet consists of fruit and meat, and its favorite is Scorched Hens, much like the similar Dragon Slime.

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The Phoenix Slime is the result of a Bird Slime deciding it doesn't want to die to a cruel ranchers ways of throwing helpless birds into a incinerator,  and it rises from the ashes, attacking the rancher in a blaze of fire. Despite this, it can be vacpacked,  and ranched, though it keeps its aggressive ways.

Rancher Risks

These slimes hate rancher's guts, and will do anything they can to kill them, much like a Tarr or killer slime, so caution is advised. They also cannot be turned into Companion Slimes.


Their plorts hold the same amount of heat as a Dragon Slime's,  but they're considered much prettier, as you can see the burning flame of hatred within it. They're used as a heating spice, often placed in fireplaces.


They look like a Bird Slime, but with more fire.


  • All of the precautions taken with Bird Slimes are advised, especially one preventing their escape due to how dangerous they are.
  • Keep them in the same corral as Dragon Slimes, as these seem to be the one other slime the reptiles don't attack.
  • They also don't eat Dragon Plorts, and Dragon Slimes don't eat Phoenix Plorts either, probably due to the similarity of their taste and scent.


  • It is assumed the legend of the phoenix is directly related to this slime.
  • Other than the aggression, they keep the same nature as Bird Slimes, along with their Killer Slime hunting abilities.
  • In their transformation, they seem to forget their previous like for vegetables, taking on the consumption of meat instead.
  • They cannot become Companion Slimes. However, if an Incineration Slime ate a Bird slime, it is possible that a Phoenix Slime that can be made into a companion is made, unless you purposely shot the bird into the Incineration Slime's mouth.