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Photorealistic Jumpscare Slime is currently a joke page.

This means that it's a joke page, that isn't meant to be taken seriously.

"I've never been Jumpsc- OMG WHAT OMG NO NO I AM HORRIFIED HELP ME PLZ OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The Photorealistic Jumpscare Slime can be found rarely replacing a pink slime (0.1%). Its diet consists of other slimes and its favorite is Pink Slimes.

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Photorealistic Jumpscare slimes thrive in areas with other pink slimes, creating a huge jumpscare to them, killing them instantly.

Rancher Risks

While the jumpscare only deals 10 damage to ranchers, it can scare players into not playing the game anymore, Therefore Breaking THE 4TH WALL


Jumpscare Plorts are used in rituals.


A pink slime contemplating his existence.


Don't go near them. they won't go near you.

Don't ranch these guys even if 800 money is a lot, unless you have a will of iron and are in the Rush Mode.


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