Hello, and welcome to Project Artwork! This is a project made to explain and organise a board of artists on the Wiki. We'll be hosting things such as contests, collabs, and other special art challenges. A lot more information can be found bellow.

If you have any concerns regarding the project, please contact Mixie about it via his message wall.



High Honor Members

High honor members are members who got 8/10 or higher on their entry art piece!


High Honor Gallery

Member Galley

How to Join

To become a PA Artist, you need to draw an image of either you as a slime, or you as a rancher with your favorite slime. The piece will be evaluated by admins of PA, judged on complexity and overall quality. It's guaranteed entry.

To submit your entry, post it to this fourm post!

  • Both traditional and digital art is accepted, traditional must be clearly visible so it can be properly evaluated.
  • The reason we chose to have you draw yourself is as it allows you to portray yourself as a member of the group, in future events having a slime rancher based avatar could be useful.
  • We're open to all medias! This includes all digital styles, such as photo editing and the like, and all traditional ones, such as sculptures or other crafts.
  • Only serious artwork is accepted.
  • Please put effort into your entry, we use it to evaluate your skill, and it will portray you as an artist in the group!


To request a drawing for a page, ask on this forum post. More rules can be found there, the ones here are mainly for artists.

  • Work will be prioritized by when it was asked. Although PA artists don't have to pick the top entry to work on, it's recommended for it to be one closer to the top to keep it fair.
  • Please put effort into your PA art, and don't do it worse than normal just because you have a personal grudge with the person requesting it. If you don't like them you don't have to take it.
  • Please draw something close to what they requested. Obviously you get some artistic liberty, but keep the details of what they're asking in mind.
  • Make sure to communicate with the requester so you're sure you know what they want.

Current Contests


Submit a piece of work, be it literature or artwork, inspired by the theme of Largos! (Idea from Pink Freddy)

Current Collaborations

There is not a collaboration on a the time! Check back later.

Previous Collaborations

Current Events

There is not an event on at the time! Check back Later.

General Gallery

Feel free to submit slime rancher related art you're proud of here! Sign it with your name.
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