"A perfect slime for the month of...September?"
The Pumpkin Slime's diet consists of fruit. It can be found in The Traveller's Turf and its favourite food is the Spectral Plum.

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Pumpkin Slimes grow from rooted grounds, and take a lot of time to grow, making them rare. The pumpkin slime moves very slowly and are usually found as lone wolves. Upon finding one a rancher should never pass up the opportunity to ranch these guys and get their plorts, as they are worth a fair amount.

Rancher Risks

Pumpkin Slimes can set fire to nearby areas, and ranchers, making it advised to stay away from these creatures. Any food except the Spectral Plum will make them full for double the time so it is advised to give them solely Spectral Plums when you need their plorts.


The Pumpkin Slime's plorts are used in the food industry as when cooked they provide a good meal.


The slime resembles a Jack-O-Lantern, with and orange colouration, yellow fiery eyes and mouth, and a green stem.


  • Don't keep them on the main ranch, as they'll burn you during your everyday activities.
  • They can be packed in with other fire resistant slimes, to save space.




'Pumpkin Slime' by MixieRoast

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