"Their Artificial Shading is scientifically proven to be the color of progressing through science."
The Robo Pink Slime is the robotic version of the Pink Slime. It can be found very rarely in the Dry Reef and commonly in the Mechanics Grove. It is docile and wont attack the player

Like all robo slimes it produces 2 plorts from feeding any food it'll eat and 4 plorts from its favorite. It also has a 33.3% chance to produce its version of robo plorts instead. You also need a robo-collector on your Vacpack to collect it and its plorts

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Artifruit, Roboveggies and Cymeat



Slime Toy

Not specified


Robo Pink Slimes are "built" using artificial pink plorts and consciousness. The slimes are made to produce more regular pink plorts and sometimes robo pink plorts. This is done to make sure ranchers can get more plorts. The only problems is that they are rare and can only become a largo if eating other robo plorts.

Rancher Risks

Theres nothing to worry about with these guys, however you will need a robo sucker on your Vackpack to collect these guys, and you can only have 10 at a time.


Robo Pink Plorts are used in factories down on earth to be melted into tons of pink plorts, however can be used alone to be melded with basic rock plorts and honey plorts to build housing out of this new, sticky and strong item


They look like a robotic pink slime.


  • It's a good idea to collect many of these guys and ranch them, since their plorts can sell for a large amount.