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The Far Far Ranch surprisingly has the same seasons as earth! Depending on the season the weather can change. Seasons also changes how crops grow. The seasons change every 30 days.


In spring crops grow the quickest. When you start a new file it always starts in spring. You will also have a lot of rain in spring.


In summer, the crops grow a little slower. The cloud level will be usually 0-4.


In fall crops will grow the slowest. It will usually be Cloud level 6, Rain level 6 and Wind level 6. All trees, excluding those in the Wilds and the Glass Desert, will turn red, orange, or other traditional autumn colors. Most water pools will have leaves stuck in them as well, limiting puddle slime spawns.


During winter crops will not grow unless they have the snow reflector upgrade. Hen hens will die if they are not in the grotto or if their coop does not have a snow shield. The Glass Desert won't be affected to much, but crops productions will still cease.It will usually be snowing and Frost Slimes will spawn.

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