'An adorable slimey friend.'
A Slime House is what you use to domesticate slimes into pets, with some exceptions regarding hostile slimes and largos.

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500 Newbucks


A Slime House is a building that allows you to get a pet slime who follows you around, and goes back home when in danger. Any Slime that does not actively hate ranchers (Phoenix, Tarr, ect.) may be made into a pet by throwing it through the corral-like front door of the house. Only one slime pet per corral. Largos do not fit in the house, and pet slimes don't eat plorts. They are purely aesthetic.


Duo House - Cost: 350

You can have two pet slimes per house.

Colouriser - Cost: 200

You can change the colour of the pet slime's body, inner glow. facial features and other body parts (A Tabby's stripes, a Rock's rocks.)

Wardrobe - Cost: 200

You can put up to two accessories on the slime.


It has a very similar appearance to a larger version of an earth dog house, with a wall the same as a corral's as a door. There is a button on the side that allows you to customize the slimes once you've unlocked the ability to. There are food bowls in the house which you can place food in for your pets by firing at it, and a water bowl for decoration.


  • If you attempt to put a slime that hates ranchers in the house, it will be deflected off the wall.
    • This is a way to tell which you can tame and which you cant.
  • The costumes for the slimes can be found here.
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