Hello, and welcome to the Slime Rancher Fanon Wikia! This Wikia is a platform for creating works to do with the farming simulator game, Slime Rancher!

We support any kind of creation, from tiny little resources, to entire new landscapes to add to the Far, Far Range! Here we aim to create a loving community that'll work to create a nice basis for people to let loose their creativity and work together to integrate and combine ideas to put forth awesome creations for the rest of the fandom to enjoy. Looking for how to get started? Check out our template pages, located on the top bar above (Though make sure you read the rules first!). 

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This Wikia is currently owned by MixieRoast, however it was originally founded by Mattycn, who left down to lack of interest.

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    or is it? 

    A slime psycho2

    A slime psycho2

    Is it? 

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    New page: Slime Tower Basic Infomation Cost Complete Tower Challenge,Find It In Ocean. Gordos Random,At Gordo Room Unique Resources...
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