"About as scary as a fruit can get." 

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On the Ranch

Deposit a spectral plum into your garden's depositor, and you'll have your very own blue tree to harvest this fruit from. This tree will last for several harvests.

The Spectral Plum is a ghost-shaped fruit found in The Traveler's Turf, on a blue-trunk tree with grey leaves. Some people say they get a small chill with every bite of the plum. Despite so, it's quite sweet with just a hint of bitterness.


  • Spectral Plums look like ghosts for unknown reasons. Then again, the habitat they grow in is just as mysterious.
  • Some people say it would make a great trick o' treating candy, but it's a fruit. Maybe fruit candy.
  • They're occasionally used in tie-dye experiments and turned into a brilliant array of color through magic. And food dye. The lack of pigment in them make them an ideal canvas. Rainbows!
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