"A potato with 12% more spookiness"

The Spooktato is a vegetable growing in The Traveller's Turf. It is favored by the Aether Slime. It represents a potato.

Ranching Tips

Spooktatos can be found and harvested in small, dark, damp areas. They grow in patches, meaning that, if you find one, you can probably find four more. Spooktatos grow faster in the Grotto, aswell.

Slimepedia Entry



Favored by

Initial design

Initial design. It's a bit too scary for the wikia.

Aether Slimes

On the Ranch

Shoot one into your local garden's depositor and you'll have yourself a spooktato patch! In the old days of ranching, these would be alot scarier, featuring what looked like a terrified face of a slime! Nowadays, they have lost that feature, but some report rare mutations of this veggie that feature an "indescribable face" on there.


Spooktatos vs Keys

Note: Spooktato skins have an explosive chemical in their skins called "Boomios" which causes explosions when in extreme heat or pressure. If skin is punctured, in means such as chewing or slicing, a small cut can cause this Boomios to deactivate, leaving it safe to eat. To reactivate, place it in a freezer.

Spooktatos contain 4 g of Boomios.

  • Slime Key Doors
    • If you set approx. 15006 Spooktatos outside a Slime Key Door and light all of them on fire, it will damage the door so much you only need to kick it once to crash it down.
    • That means that 60024 g (33.06 lbs) of Boomios is required to break down one Slime Key door.



  • Spooktato is a portmanteau of "Spook" and "Potato"
  • The first time Derpagonair wrote this article, the wiki broke, so she had to retype everything again.
  • The initial design was much scarier than the new one. That design is now an easter egg, being called a mutation.
  • They are a distant cousin of the Oca Oca
  • If used in a Cookyven, thrown in a Lava Pool, or eaten by any fire-based slimes, (Phoenix Slime, Lava Slime,) it will explode.
    • This is a reference to the Hot Potato, if the hot potato exploded.
    • The only way to prevent it from exploding, is to shave the spooktato's skin off. Then it can make Slime Fries, a delicacy that should exist one day when combining with an Oca Oca.
      • The skin has the same exploding chemicals found in Boom Slimes.
      • The explosion is similar to a Boom Slime's explosion, because of those very properties
    • Another way is to suck it back up into the Vacpac and launch it far away. Like, very far.
  • The bomb-like functions of the Spooktato could be useful for minigames and such.
  • The fact that the Aether Slime likes this veggie is irony itself.
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