"A cute yet horrifying genetic mutation."

The Strawberry Slime can be found within the forests of the Moss Blanket and rarely in the Ancient Ruins, they enjoy Fruit and favourite the Cuberry, similar to the Phosphor Slime.

Info in the Slimepedia

Diet: Fruit

Favourite: Cuberry


Strawberry Slimes thrive in grassy areas such as the Moss Blanket. These slimes look delicious and other slimes seem to agree, becoming agressive with hunger when starving and near one of these guys, be careful!

Rancher Risks

The Risks of these guys is making other slimes nearby hungry quicker, and getting agressive because of the lack of food, the best idea is to either give them a strawberry plort, feed them often, or take them further away!


The biggest use of the Strawberry Plorts is in scented candles. However when a Strawberry Plort is burned for use in one the smell is faint. So many plorts are needed to create the aroma.


The Strawberry Slimes have a body similar to a pink slime painted red with freckles on either side replaced with seeds, however, they have leaves above them similar to real life strawberries.

Tips and Trivia

  • If strawberry plorts are your main source of income, its suggested to give most slimes (especially boom slimes and other dangerous slimes) a strawberry plort so they don't become agressive with one nearby.
  • It is suggested not to combine Strawberry Slimes with Phosphor Slimes, since they both only eat fruit and have the same favorite food, minimizing the amount of items you can feed them with.
  • This is the first slime on the wiki, followed by the grass slime.
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