"Tentcals have been known to be distant relatives to Tarrs."

Tentcals are always aggressive slimes that use their "tentacles" to grab ranchers, slimes, plorts and food. What makes this unique is that when it is fed it's favorite food, it produces a Tentcal Plort. Tentcals happen when a slime (besides Puddle or Aqua Slimes) are left in water for too long. This explains the jellyfish-like appearance.

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Slimes, Plorts, Food


Honey Slime


There are a lot of things that are troublesome about Tentcals. They tend to grab other ranchers belongings. Nobody likes these guys.

Rancher Risks

These slimes can eat other slimes, like Tarrs. However, unlike Tarrs, Tentcals can be put in corrals, and they won't escape. Just... don't put them next to honey slimes, okay?


Tentcal Plorts are mainly used by pranksters as stink bombs. Tentcal Plorts have a foul stench. However, not many pranksters know about Tentcal Plorts, or even Tentcals themselves.


Tentcals is basically a Metroid + Flowey the Flower + Springtrap from FNaF. The shape of a metroid, plus the creepy smile of Flowey, plus the pupil pattern of Springtrap.


  • Combine these with other slimes to prevent slime eating.


  • Tentcals are the first Tarr-related slimes on this wiki.