"A world filled with lakes. Imagine a whole lot of puddle slimes. And also how about those ta- Oh, wait. Those are bad."

Lakelands is an area with LOTS of lakes. It has a few pink slimes, but the only other slimes there are Puddle Slimes, Aqua Slimes, and of course, Tentcals. The foods found there are Pogo Fruit, Cubeberries, Carrot, Mint Mango, Heart Beet, Kuykumber, and Oca Oca. There are also a few briar hen nests. Tarrs are not frequent.

Not only that, but there are bird slimes commonly flying around the area. They will swoop down into the water to get Tentcal Plorts (if you fed a honey slime to a tentcal), Kuykumbers, or even Aqua slimes.

It is after the Pink Gordo island. Since there is no bridge, you have to use the Jetpack to get there.


If you go through the cave in the first lake found, you will encounter an Aqua Gordo covering a slime key. Feed it 50 food items. This will be risky, as you can find lots of tentcals, due to the big amount of pink slimes.


Lake 1: A REALLY big lake with a gordo in it.

Lake 2: half as big as lake 1. Contains Frill Slimes.

Lake 3: A lake that is 10 times bigger than lake 1 and lake 2 combined. Nice time for a swim, except the tentcals. Contains Newt slimes

Lake 4: half as big as lake 3. Has the unfinished "Puddle Boss." (not yet worth clicking. author needs to finish)

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