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'The place of all rancher's nightmares...'
Moonlight Cove is a small cove off the edge of the ruins area, by the moss blanket, which is forever consumed by the night. It's home to many water based and mushroom like foods, due to it's state of forever darkness, along with many aquatic and nocturnal slimes, such as the exclusive Bat Slime and Tsunami Slime


The area is a small beach-side cove, covered in purple sand, seated next to the slime sea. Within the cove, there is a darkened cave and a small lagoon, safe for a rancher to swim in.

Within the blue-rock cave, it is pitch black, and nothing but the glowing eyes of it's Bat Slime inhabitants, and the bright flame of the massive dragon gordo can be seen.

The lagoon, a small expanse of deep-green water secluded from the slime sea, is somewhat shallow, and safe for the rancher to swim in. It can be quite useful for ranchers who end up running into the dragon gordo.


The cove is home to a rather limited plethora of foods. Up on the cliff sides, there are a few pogoberry plants, along with cherries. Heartbeets can also be found growing at the base of the cliffs, and patches of kuycumbers can be seen growing by the shallow waters.

Dark Henhens and porkos can be found wandering through the cave, though they are often quickly picked off by the speedy Bat Slimes.



Many Puddle (Iceberg in the winter,) Aqua Slimes and Tsunami Slimes can be found frolicking in the shallow waters of the cove, and Seaweed Slimes can occasionally be seen hiding around the outskirts of the area, keeping their distance from any slimes that may prey on them. Very rarely, a Hippocampus Slime will stray close to the beach of the cove.

Around the entrance to the cave, many Rock Slimes can be found eating the Heartbeets that grow at the cliff base. Some rancher also claim to have seen the flickering eyes of a Nightmare Slime, darting through the rocks.

Within the cave itself, many Bat Slimes can be found roosting in the cavernous ceiling. A few Ore Slimes can be seen around the inside of the cave.

There is a chance any other type of nocturnal slime will appear in this area.


In a side cave to the normal one, a HUGE blue tinted Dragon gordo can be found, asleep. When he pops, the dragon slimes that come out as a result are also blue.



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