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The Sky Islands are a group of floating rocks, scattered out over The Slime Sea just across from The Moss Blanket, and appears to be made from chunks of terrain from other places on the Far, Far Range. Due to this fact, it houses a very varied amount of foods, though animals other than the Cloudy Hen and Porko are hard to come across. It also creates a home for many aerial slimes, such as the Cloud or Dragon Slime.


The area is made up of rocks floating in the air, each holding a little bit of the ear they came from, be it tarmac from The Speeder Hills or a floating pillar from the Ruined Abandons. Each of these small biomes tends to house the fruits and veg of the area it's from.

No slimeologist is actually sure about how or why these little bits of terrain decide to get up and fly away, though many blame is on High Conjurers, Witch and Wizard Slime's magic, because, let's be honest, who knows?

There are, however, unique islands thought to be the original sky islands. These are referred to as The Misty Isles, due to the fact that they have ghostly bluegrass and, yep you guessed it, most floating around them. Star Fruit can be found here.

Star Palace

This castle, which resides in the upper reaches of the islands, is where you can fight Queen Cirrusia, get plorts, and your own special pet. Make sure you grab the golden orb after!

The Prisamarket

Exactly as it sounds. A market in a maze of mirrors and magic barriers. A special slime can be purchased here, if you can find it. The only way to reach the maze is to find and use the Crystal Portal

The Crystal Portal

This looks like an egg-shaped frame of crystal , and it needs an Aether slime plort to activate. when you go through, you wander through the prismarket until you find the exit portal.


A shrine to the Nirvanical Slime, the only one known to exist.


Every fruit and veg known on the Far, Far Range can be found on The Sky Islands, often in the area that originated from where the plant also came from. Billo Berries are a berry that's unique to the islands. Star fruit and the Cracked pepper can also be found on the misty isles.

However, no animals other than the Cloudy HenWinged Mue and Cloudy Porko can be found there, assumably due to how thin the air is not suiting the animals small little lungs.



A wide range of aerial slimes can be found here, ranging from the fierce Dragon Slimes to the huggable Feather Slime. They all seem to live somewhat harmoniously, never attacking the rancher, minus the occasional Aether Slime lashing out due to the essential use of the jetpack or a Nimbus slime zapping you with a bolt of lightning. Tarr is almost never an issue, as both plorts and the tarr themselves often end up blowing off the platforms into the slime sea.

High up in the upper regions of the islands Space and Star Slimes can be found, along with the occasional Xeno variant of the Spook Slime. Feather Slimes can be seen flying around, playing with the Cloud Slimes that can be found all over the isles. Bird Slimes, and rarely Phoenix Slimes, caused by run ins with Dragon Slimes, can be found hunting down Cloudy Hens and the occasional tarr created there. Phosphor Slimes spend the nights providing light for the others around, with the help of the Dragon Slimes. There's even sometimes rare occurrences of Buzz Slimes, who fly up in hope of finding food for their hives. You can find a tiny nest with a Nirvanical Slime in it, somewhere in the wild. You will rarely see a Nimbus slime flying around, a native to the islands. Jupiter Slimes can also be found floating high above the sky, minding everyone's business, by staring into the beautiful clouds above, and Quake slimes can be found on bigger rock platforms that have mountains on them. They're normally on top of the mountains.

Some have claimed to have seen a flick or brown, white and red within the undergrowth, but no one knows for sure...


Dragon Slimes seem to have taken an entire island for their own, a patch of the moss blanket, where they have their Gordo. They have been observed transporting food to the large reptile, who sits in its nest, occasionally letting out a jet of hot flame. Dragons seem to be protective of the Gordo, often attacking ranchers who come close.



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