Space Station S. L. IME is an area that you can get to by fixing the Slime Rocket in the Crusty Sand Canyon. Riding it takes you to the Huge Space Station S. L. IME composed of many different parts, these can be found below. You can also find variations of every ingame slime and a few fanmade slimes here. There are also completely new slimes and new gordos.


The Chambers - indoor areas that're white and gray, home of Chamber Slimes.

Inner Greens - an outer, grassy area in the center of the station with indoor iron padded huts. Pits and unusual terrain are common.

Mining District - a small area with a large crane and many ores, home of Mineral Slimes.

Outer Ring - a ring to mark the edge of the station, a large, thick zone surrounding the above areas.

SFOs - UFOs that fly around the station, drop crates and slimes.

Psychotronics - Home of the Neromod aplication and the Mimic Slime


- Rock Slime

- Phosphor Slime

- Boom Slime

- Tarr

- Ultraviolet Slime - Space variant of pink slime.

- Iron Slime - Space variant of Rock Slime.

- Lighspeed Slime - Space variant of Tabby Slime.

- Sunny Slime - Space variant of Phosphor Slime.

- Supernova Slime - Space variant of Boom Slime.

- Glob Slime - Space variant of Honey Slime.

- Blob Slime - Space variant of Puddle Slime.

- Lazerfish Slime - Space variant of Rad Slime.

- AntimaTARR - Space variant of Tarr.

- Platinum Slime - Space variant of Gold Slime.

- Astro Slime - a slime in a space suit that floats around.

- Chamber Slime - White Slimes who live in the chamber, sometimes release electricity.

- Mineral Slime - a blue, shiny, ore-like slime whos plorts give fluctuate heavily (hundreds up or down)

- Potterfruit Slime - space variant of Strawberry Slime.

- Mimic Slime - A shape shifting slime that will kill you


If a slime is fed a space variant slimes plort, or vice versa, it creates antimatarr no matter what.

If a largo space slime eats a space plort unlike its own it creates a Supernova Explosion and an antimatarr.

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