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Speeder Hills is a large area with areas ranging from hills as high as cliffs in the Indigo Quarry to terrain as smooth and steady as the Slime Sea. This area is still in research and any confirmed information should be added. You can also find the Road-rage Gordo.


Speeder Hills is a very, very bumpy place with some smooth areas for racing and many steep hills to put a real challenge to any Road-rage Slimes you have. They are about as big as The Dry Reef, also.


Since this area is merely being researched, only one slime has been found to inhabit this area; the Road-rage Slime. It makes sense since they seem to be the only one able to adapt to the roads. There's also a small island, where Exotic Slimes can be located.


Despite the "urban" look to Speeder Hills (at least, concerning the roads), it happens to be a great place for growing crops with any road-dust aside. Chilipers seem to be the only food that grows here, and it's rare as well. Luckily, their bright red hue can be easily found with a careful glance.

The Highway

The highway is an area where a LOT of Road-rage Slimes, as well as the Road-rage Gordo. The Road-rage Gordo is blocking the path on the highway, so you will have to feed it to adventure further into Speeder Hills.


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