"In this land, sparkles are dangerous!"
The Traveller's Turf is an area around the size of The Dry Reef, and is usually described as "somewhat scary-magical" and "beautifully spooky". It holds a number of monster-themed foods, such as the Spectral Plum and patches of Spooktato. They house the Aether slimes and Pumpkin slimes, and more. Some slimes whom have not been discovered yet could be here, too.


The area is comparable to a swamp; just as damp, but with less water. Small puddles of odd lilac, sparkling water can be found there. This water is highly acidic and should be avoided, but it can be sucked into a Vacpac. This area also features a number of small hills and features it's signature blue trees, with grayish leaves, holding the Spectral Plum ready for harvest. This area also has a very light, almost completely invisible fog. What's peculiar, is that this fog has the tendency to heal ranchers, letting them regenerate health just a tad faster than any other area. It also colors the sky to make it seem blue to purple, a sight many ranchers long to see.

The place also catches fire alot, due to the Pumpkin Slime's natural fire-creating abilities, but will not spread, as said before, the ground is damp.


This area is known for having the Pumpkin Slime, rarely the Skull Slime, and the only place where the Aether Slime is willing to descend to the ground. Recently, some Plague Slimes have started making their homes in this location too, possibly because of the large variety of slimes and plenty of possibility to make plorts. Thought natural change could bring new flying slimes to the area, it is almost impossible to bring non-flying slimes to live in this area manually, as the Aether Slime will attack them, as the slime brought there does not live there, thus, being an "intruder". The rancher is not attacked, though. Plus, another danger is the Skull Slimes, as they will eat slimes, even the Pumpkin Slime and Aether Slime that lives there aswell. Luckily, they favor being near Skull Signs, which are a decent few ways away from any other slime. A while back, a new slime has been found in this area, the Greedy Slime. They appear very rarely, but can be found trying to grab some of the sparkles in the lilac ponds, or trying to reach any sparkles floating about in the midst of the fog, so you should take note of them and watch your newbucks.

Though their has been a slight increase of Tarr in the area due to many factors, from acid floods to habitat loss, the newest slime adapted to the area, the Plague Slime, exterminates most Tarr.

Sometimes, you'll find the odd Old Slime here. Nobody knows why this slime came here. Maybe they went sightseeing. Or wanted a break from those LOUSY TEENAGERS! Eh, it's like warp tech. Try not to think about it.


The turf usually grows Spectral Plum on high hills, and near the ponds, a few Spooktatos. They're also found in damp caves.

Both of these has a special quirk about them, for better or worse. A Spectral Plum will decrease the paint an Art Slime generates, and is the only food that makes the Pumpkin Slime full for less time, meaning more plorts from them. On the other hand, Spooktatos will explode once fired out of a Vacpac if the rancher was previously in a hot area in the past in-game hour. (Glass Desert)

There is also a special meat, the Gold Hen, who for some reason, has decided to find it's way to live in this area. It seems to be because of the water's magical properties being drunken by a normal HenHen, causing it to quickly mutate into gold, for some reason. All other attempts to replicate this have failed, and many times has resulted in the burning sensation of acid. Owch. It seems like this Gold Hen also is found in crates. Forevermore, they shall remain a mystery.


  • This was Derpagonair's first habitat
  • The theme of this area is magic, so slimes that could be considered magical (such as the fire-making Pumpkin Slime) fit into this area very well.
    • You could say it's like Halloween.
  • If you throw a Spooktato into the sparkleponds, it will explode.
  • Most slimes in this area are dangerous or hostile, but the regeneration bonus in the area makes up for it.
  • Since this area is swampy, Tarrs will die quicker.
  • This area is also pretty humid despite the cool temperature.



Owned by Derpagonair :D

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