The Wiggle Factor, not to be confused with Wigglerescence, is a game mechanic that denotes how much of a party your slimes are having.

It has 5 stages.


Occurs below a wiggle factor of 50

Nobody likes being bored. This has a 50% chance of being the mood the day starts with. The other 50% of the time the day starts being...


Occurs below a wiggle factor of 100, but above a wiggle factor of 50

Haha, it's not boring, yet it's still kinda boring. From this stage the wiggle factor is increased by 1 every few seconds. Slimes are preparing. They tend to hoard food instead of eating it, and start accumulating under trees (That's where the party starts)


Yes, the party is starting to get started!

Occurs below a wiggle factor of 200, but above a wiggle factor of 100

Any slimes that haven't arrived will arrive (Fashionably late). Music is emanating. Disco Slimes may appear. All shall commence partying

Wiggle factor increases by 1 every few seconds still


Occurs below a wiggle factor of 400, but above a wiggle factor of 200

Slimes are now having an all out party. Slimes are much wigglier than they should be. Slimes will be extremely sad if left in a corral. Even Killer Slimes are getting in on the wiggle. Too bad you're never invited. Slimes now eat until their brains explode. Its awesome. Wiggle factor goes up by 3 every second.


All slimes fall asleep. Honestly, it's adorable

Occurs above a wiggle factor of 400 for about 50 seconds. Then you launch into the bored phase.

You can increase the wiggle factor by admiring slimes. Just stand around them without using your vacpack.

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